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Canadian Kitchener Forge & Blower Co. #210


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Hi Guys I a small problem with a 210 blower that siezed up. I CHANGED THE GREASE in the lower gear, the old stuff was like dryed out candy. I then checked all the axle fittings on the gears and they were dry and slightly rusted. I freed them up with wd 40, the ball bearings that fit against another ball bearing inside. I imagine these are what keeps the gears in alignment. My question is how much oil should be in the bottom of the gearbox and what type ? There are no auto oilers in this model just pugs on the top and bottom.
Thanks in advance to all your answers ------Duck

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For the most part they're splash oiled, meaning the gears themselves carry oil everywhere.

If there's no level plug I'd fill it till the lowest gear is in oil for 1/2" or better. Then without putting the cover on turn it over gently to make sure the oil is transferred to everything.


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