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Bark texture techniques

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I use a power hammer with tezturing dies top and bottom or you can make a spring swage
I cut lines with a chisel cold in the plates
The lines go with the direction of the stock I am feeding
If you go straight across the texture looks like durawal which I hate.

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Trunk of a tree. Four pieces of 1/8 plate textured under a fly (screw) press.
The pieces formed a quarter circle as the texture was applied.
The texture was mapped out on some edges to allow it to run across the joins.
Mig welded together.
Cutting sheet and texture takes 1 day (8 hours) tooling already made.
Welding in addition.


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I like his wormy wood technique and it would, imo, look way better on some kind of staff though or sculpture, then on a blade. Seems like the price of the artistic technique detracts to much in the function of the blade for it to be done on knives/swords, but it is cool. Of course it's making a ton of little pockets for rust to go.. but I guess that can be prevented with some oil.
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