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I Forge Iron

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Thanks Brian,
I really appreciate the photos because it removes all questions, but you keep raising the bar and I'm barely on the first level. :D
Your level of experience is something many of us would like to some day achieve I'm sure.


Dick, I don't think it should take you as long as it took me to learn these things. They are just basics. I really started learning when someone asked me how I was doing something, and trying to communicate that to someone else taught me more than anything I'd been doing before. Now I learn much easier, and I'm just getting started. The learning will never stop, and I thank you for the questions.
Speaking of raising the bar, here's some fire tools I finished today: rake, shovel, and fluxing shovel.





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BP0924 I made some quickie animal heads today out of 3/16"x1/2" as a suggestion of something for others to try. They are made with half hammer faced blows over the near and far side of the anvil on

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Brianbrazealblacksmith Hello, I am a blacksmith and then Italian, sorry for my English is not perfect ....

I joined the forum recently and while I gave a look at the forum I noticed this trhead, fascinated by your horses' heads yesterday, I have forged 1, tomorrow also put the photo ....

I wanted to ask after the forging treatment that you did for the heads?

They are brushed and then?

They're so shiny, what do you do spent some rust against the lens or what?

Thanks again Hello Giancarlo.

Here you can see some of my work ciaooooo

Ferro Battuto

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Ferro: (or is it Giancarlo? Please forgive me for not knowing enough to tell which is your name)

That is some BEAUTIFUL work!

I love the iron and glass table, the insect and so much more.

Thank you for the link.


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GiFerro, that was some really nice work!

The finish is from rubbing the finished piece with a towel [that has had vegetable oil soaked into it] at the right temperature. If the piece is too hot, you just burn your rag excessively. If your piece is too cold, you are just wiping on oil. If your piece is at the right temperature, you are burning on a nice hard black coat just like seasoning a cast iron skillet.

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Here are a couple of horse heads that my brother and I made in Arizona back in 2003 when we were traveling around with Tom Clark. Barry Denton got them in their auction and sent me these pictures after we did a hammer class at his place last June. One is steel and the other is copper. That is over a 6 year old finish.



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This is my first horse, cast iron pot hopefully the next one will do it with the iron framework and we hope that it will be more beautiful ...
Thanks to everyone and especially to brianbraz .......


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Brian thank you for your great details and the step by step pictures on the process as well as the tools used to do these fantastic horse heads, sea horses and your step by step instruction sheets, will have to give it ago.

And also another big thank you to all the people on this site who give so much infomation, coaching on how to
learn and develop their skills for this wonderful art of blacksmithing. B)

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