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I Forge Iron

Hello from SE Massachusetts

Cross Pein

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I just discovered this site yesterday. I am in heaven. I have wanted to get my feet wet (fingers burned?) in Blacksmithing for all of my adult life. After about 30 years, I finally have the resources and room to try my hand at it. I have bought a small (100 pound) anvil, a post vice, and an old Champion blower. I figure that I will probably make my own coal forge. I have built a small shed to work in (near?). I need to find good coal and steel sources and I am off.

This place looks excellent and I have already learned a lot here from the forums and Blueprints. Whoever is responsible for this site - Thank you - it looks like an excellent place.


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Cross Pein, welcome to Iforgeiron.
Since there is so much information on this site, I suggest you look at the "lessons in metalworking" section on the front or opening page of this site. If you follow the links, there's all kinds of information on building forges, gathering tools, basic steps in forging, etc.

There are 3 search engines on the site........opening page,forums page, and gallery.
They will help you find things even faster....

And, if you have questions, just ask.....


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Welcome aboard Bill, glad to have ya.

There's plenty of info available here, "Getting started, Lessons in blacksmithing and the Blueprints" sections being the most useful for the newcomer. Of course asking questions works too.


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