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Highway of Heros


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This is how we Canadians honour our service people that gave their lives in the service of their country. I know that most Canadians are aware of what this is, and it was featured on one of the US news networks one time I know of as well.
All the fallen soildiers are flown into Canadian forces airbase inTrenton, Ontario. They then travel by motorcade to Toronto where they are then sent to their hometown to be laid to rest. There are approximately 50 overpasses between Toronto and Trenton and everyone of them, IRREGARDLESS of the weather conditions, are packed with ordinary people of all ages and representatives of the police and fire Dept. of each area for each and every motorcade that passes by.In addition. people stop their cars and or stand on the roadside as the motorcades pass by. I feel that there is no better way to Honour those who gave their lives for freedom and I believe that in their heart ALL these Canadians are also Honouring those in service from ALL countries that gave their lives as well, when they are standing there.

I have attached a link to a youtube presentation of one of the processions. There are others as well. I had the occasion not long ago to be down in that area and was one of the many who stood on an overpass and watched a procession go by and I can safely say it was one of THE most moving experiences of my life and I thought I would share a little bit of what I saw

YouTube - Fallen Canadian Heros

Proud to be Canadian!


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