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SS for low heat conduction tooling

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just wondered if anybody has been using stainless steel tooling...... since it conducts heat at about 30% the rate mild steel does, it would seem that press dies or mill rollers from SS would keep the work hotter longer.......i dont know if this is old news for tooling or not:)

comments or experiences ???

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I don't know of anyone using SS tooling for it's low conductivity specifically but you are right. The right grade of SS would be a good choice where cutting, punching, etc. aren't concerned.

I like the idea. I should've thought of it myself before now. Thanks.


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This is really good info for me as I live on an island with a lot if commercial fishing going on so folks are always bringing me long (8 to 10ft) used boat and ship prop shafts of stainless, from 1.5 to 2.5 inches diameter, which may be 30 years old but looks new, so I have a bog pile of these and I don't forge stainless, but now I have an idea of what to do with some of it, thanks, Wes.

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I did my first real blacksmithing at Peat Oberon's school in the North of England. Peat had built his students' hearths with a bootom-blast type of set up; I remember that he used stainless steel grills in the bottom to cover the air conduit's entrance hole.

From memory, these were about half an inch thick, five inches in diameter and had many holes across them, each of about a quarter of an inch in diameter. By the time I saw these thay had been in use for at least a couple of years; so, stainless can definitely withstand heat.

I have also seen farriers here in the UK and in South Africa using stainless steel tongs.

Hope that this info' is of use.


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Glass blowers use SS for their blow pipes and punties all the time for exactly that reason. They have been using SS for many years now. You think hot metal burns your hands quickly, imagine putting your lips on it!!! They also use it for their hand tools such as jacks and puffers. Still they do water or air cool their tools often just like blacksmiths. SS may slow the heat transfer but it doesn't stop it.

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