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I Forge Iron

Hi all newbie here :)

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i have been watching these forums for months now and i decided to finally say hi.

i built a propane gas forge sometime around January, bought around 40 fire bricks, a gas hose, brass clips and rivets, and a 1 1/4" burner, and a bag of high heat cement (which i still haven't used :P). i found i loose a lot of heat because of the lack of insulation but the burner keeps up nicely (2-3min for a good temperature) but i never managed to weld (my steel never went over the bright orange almost yellow) and im looking for tips to manage to welding temps.

-So do i need another burner?
-do i really need to cement the forge (but that way i will loose the ability to change the shape of the forge if i need to make smaller or bigger projects)
-if i have to cement it will it be better if i cement the center in a circular shape or just beep it a box shape

thanks for your patience reading all this stuff

regards :D

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Welcome aboard Kamhal, good of you to delurk.

How much volume is your forge?

1 1/4" burner? What type, did you make it. etc?

If you'll click "User CP" at the top of the page and edit your profile to show your location it'll be easier to answer questions. IFI is represented by members from more than 50 countries and a lot of info is location specific.


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I'm no gasser, but I would think you need some of the insulation that goes inside of gassers. It's some sort of fabric or something. I've used gas forges before and all the ones I've seen have the insulation/cloth stuff inside of em. I'm sure someone on here can give you the tech. name for the stuff!? I would think of you got some of that it would help keep the heat in. You might do an internet search for "gas forge insulation" or something to that effect.
Anyway welcome aboard!

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thanks for the warm welcome.

the forge(the hole) is about 4'x2'x18' about 140 inches cubed. the burner is a normal blow torch (has a small nozzle and a nickel cylinder thingie 1 1/4' wide) that can melt thin plates of aluminum but still not enough to weld steel apparently. as for gas i use a propane tank which i keep at the pressure of 1 bar which heats the forge in no time.

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Welcome to IFI Kamhal. I am no gasser either but I would say that you should try and get your hands on some blanket insulation called Kaowool. That would help keep the heat in. As to the burnner and such I will let someone who is more knowledgeable about how that stuff works answer those question.Hang in there and good luck.

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