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The Lord says to bring all manner of cares to him, so here goes, My son is a sophomore in high school, his yearly musical is tonight, the senior who had the lead in the play got suspended a couple weeks ago, and upon noticing that Brad (my son) knew every line and position of every one in the play, was asked to take the lead in the play. This is a senior play, for seniors to take the lead roles, but no one could do what he was able to do, so he was asked to do it, he has the support of his peers and upper classmen and women. He has a touch of the flu on top of all the stress, he has to sing, tapdance, and act while doing a cockney accent. This has added to the anxiety of the whole family. While this may seem trivial compared to many of the prayer requests on this site, I would ask for your forebearance and prayers. I will be on my knees for this as I have for so many others posted on this site, we have about 40 guests coming tonight and tomorrow for the play as well. I and my family thanks those of you who take the time.

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