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Found 7 results

  1. Hello All...I found this piece of metal with the profile of a railroad track. It's marked "Bethlehem" and "L.V. 80". I'm guessing it's from Bethlehem Steel and possibly the LV is Lehigh Valley and the 80 is 1980? Im less than an hour from Bethlehem so that's why I'm guessing this. Any ideas on what it is?
  2. Asma


    Track sculpture I made
  3. Asma

    Track 3

    Tire Track sculpture
  4. Hello my fellow metal workers, First, I have found there are many people looking at getting into blacksmithing; but they either do not have the money for the tools, or they do not know how to make their own. Second, I have found equally as many who do not want to spend a large amount of time and or money making a beginning anvil, only to replace it if they really get into the hobby. Third, I have found even more people who are young and moving around, and simply do not think they can move blacksmithing supplies around, more specifically an anvil. As an engineer, my goal is to solve problems. To me it seems there is an obvious problem, and such a problem raises a few engineering goals. My engineering goals are as follows: 1. Find a way to make an anvil for under $100 2. Find a way to make this anvil good enough that it will not need to be replaced by a new one, should the user really get into the hobby. 3. Find a way to make this anvil large and heavy enough to be comparable in performance to an elite large anvil. 4. Find a way to make this anvil portable enough that it can be easily moved around; while also retaining foundation stability. With these engineering goals in mind, let's make one XXXXXXX anvil! Please read the terms of service for IFI and please watch your language. A link is at the lower right corner of every page.
  5. From it's hiding place in a sloppy scrap pile and in nearly perfectly camouflage in the dust, yesterday, me and a buddy dug out this little piece of track and loaded it in my trunk. It's been around the farm for decades. Under the direction of my father in '68 I remember moving it along with a bunch of other stuff from the then "destined to be moved and reassigned" old blacksmith shop (a defunct mule team service center) to the new tractor shed's shop. I was 13. I remember being told it had been a secondary anvil. The primary one was and is still there and is shaped a bit differently - like a 250 - 300# Columbian. I rather have loaded it but they still use it. Maybe one day:) So I came home with this piece and spent some time today cleaning it up and exploring its possibilities. It's got a slight belly along the centerline length (about 1/16 th inch) where the most severe mushrooming is visible. And the tone is slightly duller in that area. I've ground down the top a bit to mostly eliminate the pitting at the centerline crown, but there is still significant pitting along the edges. One of the edges shows significant mushrooming... Presumably some from the rail traffic and some from a hardened smith abusing his favorite spot. The other edge - not so bad. This thing is 6" wide at the bottom, 7" tall, 3" wide at the top and 17" long. It appears to fit the cross section spec of 133# / yd rail, yielding ~66# for 17". It seems fitting to spend some effort and $ to make this a more desirable piece for my shop, though I don't want to go overboard on it. I'm hoping I'll get some suggestions from some folks here w/ know how on how I might improve it. And I'm hoping to get some technical help from someone who has experience resurfacing rail for use as an anvil, especially on what rods to use, and in what sequence. It doesn't need that much... The crown is roughly an 1/8" inch higher than the two edges. So if I was to flatten the surface, I'm thinking build up the edges... with what rod? Then grind and cap with what?... Then rinse and repeat with what? I just don't know. I've googled hard surfacing and anvil surfacing and read around a bit, so I know what's out there info wise for the most part, but the reading I find is mostly aimed at antique anvil restoration, not rail resurfacing. This surface sparks while grinding like Chinese Fireworks Manufacturing Co, would during a bombing raid. Can any of you guys help? Suggested technique? My welding machine is a Lincoln "cracker box" AC/DC, so that's what's at my disposal. It tops out at 125A DC & 225 AC. Thanks in advance. John in Baton Rouge.
  6. So I was hoping that by planting my railroad track, it might sprout an anvil. It is buried 12" deep on end so that it is a more comfortable height to work at. It has also dampened the ringing noise a lot (i'm sure my neighbors are happy). I have strapped it to the log (not pictured) using a ratchet strap. So far everything is working out.
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