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  1. MD Just showing collection. As of right I have 14 post vises and a few anvils. Today I am going to go pick up what I believe to be around 5 3:4” Peter Wright in Santa Cruz I have a lead on a 6 inch one in writing a 5 1/2 inch one in Turlock 34 inch ones for 65 bucks apiece in Nevada city actually Carson City and then a few more over in Sacramento if anyone was looking . Lately that’s been a hot spot thus will be the second blacksmith shop in the area in the last 30 days that I am lucky enough to get first dibs . Last one I spent every nickel I had and still only scratched the surface of what they had . I really enjoy digging though old shops not touched in 50-80 years . anyways back on topic I currently have 7” iron city 150 lb screw pretty worn and leg chopped short not by me though 7” Indian 150 lb amazing condition 6 1/2” Columbian 130 lb needs new rivets as it’s come loose 6” Peter Wright 100 lb screw box has all writing legible and the crest jn the center - in amazing shape 6”iron city 100 lb - got at last shop in Lodi and is the first one I’ve ever seen without chamfers on the legs and the dual arm bench mount . Is this a newer version ? Doesn’t lok forge welded 6 “ unknown manufacturer 110 lb some wear in sweet spot of threads but I’m good shape still 6” Indian 100 lb in great condition and crest somewhat legible but suffered at had pitting on brace supporting arm 5 3/4” Peter Wright 90 lb In even better condition than the 6” 5 3/8 iron city 80 lb with chamfered legs in great condition but I need to reassemble it just got done going through electrolysis bath 5 1/4” iron city 70 lb with chamfered legs pretty Much unused in amazing condition 5” unknown manufacturer has 62 1/2 stamped on jaw and some lettering but no one has been able to identify it yet 5” newer drop forged columbian 35 lb only keeping cause it’s xxxx near perfect condition 4 1/2” iron city 45 lb just got this one man was the screw stuck on this one so bad I had the whole thing cherry red and the force needed to break lose cracked the screw so I had to weld it back - currently is electrolysis bath 4 1/2” frankin vise . Don’t know weather I should order some acme thread and a nut and make a screw and screw box or fabricate the oversized one it come with that’s obviously not not meant for it 4” Trenton 35 lb I traded a banch vise Thad was in mint condition for among trent ones i've sold in last 6 months 5 3/4” columbian P5 3/4” Trenton 4 1/2 “ columbian 41/2” iron city 5” columbian 4 1/2” arthor O’Leary also so I have a 6” columbian bench vise I’m restoring model 506-2 and had new jaw inserts made for it - picked up for 50$ model 4041/2 swivel jaw and base reed vise only negative is the swivel base was cracked in half but I welded it back together Actually just picked up another one of them the base is tore up actually it welded the top to the base but the rest of it seems pretty good and intact I have a prentiss bench vice but I don’t know the model number and have had a hell of a time trying to clean up the cast-iron is so full of purities so I have to use an order nasty cast from Vulcan . But it has a pretty cool swivel locking mechanism Unlike anything I’ve seen does anybody have any insight I also have a couple anvils 172 hay budden i fallowed anvil mag way of fixing the edges and am waiting for my buddy to have room in the shop to put it on the surface grinder and get everything nice and clean and done as far as the edges and table or let me know if I need to fill more 120 lb columbian 110 lb columbian It’s amazing how 10 pounds softener and they ring it completely differently I must admit 110 pound one is annoying high pitch ring I have all parts to post vises some are not done being cleaned up /restored
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