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Found 4 results

  1. http://www.iforgeiron.com/gallery/image/36996-split-cross/ So, tried my first split cross. I won't tell ya how long it took, but I didn't win any time trials, especially after my blower failed in the middle. I was going to make a celtic cross for St. Patrick's day, and kinda got carried away. Started life as a railroad spike, some solenoid wire and a marble (yes there's hard to see glass in the middle.) Chain is left over links from working about with mail. What do ya think, too cheesy? :)
  2. First try at a split cross. Was going to make a celtic one, and kinda got carried away. There's glass in the middle, but hard to see in the shot. Started life as a railroad spike, a marble, and some solenoid wire. The chain was leftover links from mucking about with mail. I dunno, too cheesy?
  3. ace1

    Duel Swords

    Is it possible to make a sword that is one, but can split into two identical parts down the middle. As I have found researching this that most people say no its impractical ( they say this because if someone were to try wielding it as a singular blade it would jus fall apart). What I'm getting at is is it possible to have magnets inside the blades strong enough to hold it together but easy enough to pull it apart?
  4. I had an idea recently that one could split and drift a square (diamond?) shaped hole with the same tool. But the geometry of such a tool has thrown me for a loop. I'm sure it's rather simple concept to some but I've struggled any advice would be appreciated. Has anyone seen/made/used such a tool? (pictures would be great!) Is there a specific name for such a tool? (Or is it just a chisel when cutting and a drift when drifting?) I'm sure the usefulness of such a tool is highly debatable but I've set out to make one anyways if only as an exorcise. I've had limited success so far and I don't think a lengthy post is desired here, but I've detailed my experiences in my two most recent blog entrees if anyone would like more insight into my questions. PS: this is more of a general blacksmithing question but I don't think it warrants a second topic.. As I understand it the length of the slot to be cut is 2a - 5% ('a' being the width of one of the four sides of the the hole to be punched). In Mr Hofi's blueprint his chisel cut a rectangular hole, less of a 'split'. I'm led to believe I may need to account for the thickness of the chisel as well. Does anyone use any other formula? When I was first approaching this problem I assumed the diagonals of the square would be used to calculate.
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