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Found 7 results

  1. Hello ! New member from Norway here. Blacksmithing has been intriguing and I’ve always been fascinated by it, but for some reason I never felt I had enough equipment for it, so it always where put on hold. That changed a couple months ago! I was about to go catatonic from boredom as I was switching from channel to channel On the tv. Suddenly I found myself watching forged in fire . After binge watching this for a few days I told myself “f**k it, I’ll go forge stuff with or without any anvil and proper forge!” I got myself a piece of old railroad track,put it on an old log,grabbed my wife’s hairdryer, taped it to a couple Aluminum pipes, lit up some firewood in an old bbq grill I turned into a monstrosity, stuck the pipe in the fire and turned on the hairdryer ! It all turned into a glorious blaze of smoke, fire and sparks! I then grabbed some rebar , jammed it into the fire and forged it into random hooks, a toilet paper roll holder and other random things. Now, a month after , this forging bug has really gotten a hold of me. I have welded together a coal forge , bought myself a couple anvils,forged all kinds of things and completed my first order. I have added a photo of the ugly but functional contraption I made, to inspire (or scare) anyone who think they need fancy stuff to start forging things. took me about 10 minutes and I was ready to heat some metal and bash it into shape. Thats my story so far and I am here to learn more and get better at blacksmithing.
  2. Hello everyone, I'm John and new to this forum. I'm just getting started in forging iron. Looks like a very informative fourm. Im Iooking forward to learning and creating
  3. First of all, I will be honest and say that I copied this from my profile after writing it in the "about me" section. I have visited this site quite often and finally decided to become a part of it. May I start by thanking anyone who takes the time to read information about myself. So as to hopefully avoid the inclusion of being associated with many of the people of my generation, please allow me to define some of my backstory. Should you not care about that, you could simply skip to the paragraph following. I have always been ambitious; sated more by knowledge and finding resolute purpose behind it; resorting to logic over emotion; and having been often referred to as a "machine" for the amusement of others. I don't quite mind though. I actually pride myself in my obsession with having to make sense of the unknown and my superfluous knowledge of both the inconsequential and the more relevant. I was projected to graduate high school two years early, but my parents insisted I stay another year for the "high school experience". I appreciate their intentions, but I would have much more appreciated one less year in the social cliques and fallacy that such a place truly prepared you for the "outside world". So I was only able to graduate one year early. Fair enough... At least I had that. Some weren't so fortunate to even graduate after four years. After high school I intended on going to college. The key word is intended. My parents, again following their view of what was best for me, wanted me to attend a local college after seeing my older brother fail out of college due to being consumed with "college life". They wanted to be able to help me keep true to my intentions and not deviate from what a proper, self-respecting student should do. *Sigh* Again, I appreciate their intentions, however misplaced I felt they were. Having decided to postpone my enrollment in college until I was eighteen, not realizing that the state would consider me an emancipated minor at the time, I enrolled in cosmetology school. Odd for someone like myself yes, but that is another story entirely. Interestingly enough, as the school covered aesthetics, there was a remarkable amount of chemistry involved which helped me retain my sanity. During the end of my time in cosmetology school I met the woman that I would end marrying. She had a two year-old at the time whom I am the father of now and always will be. We met, married, had our second child, moved in together and bought a house all in our first year together. Needless to say, it was a stressful start for the both of us. She helped me become more emotional and not quite so daft when it came to social queues and sarcasm. I was a bit like Sheldon Cooper from Big Bang Theory After two and a half years of dating, we decided to get married and found out we were once again expecting. At the same time I decided to join the U.S. Navy. I was anxious to escape Ohio and pursue a structured career that would allow my family and me to travel. To sum up the introduction to myself, I am a U.S. Navy sailor, I am married to the most amazing woman and we have three children together. I am twenty four years old (as of 26DEC91) and my wife is less than a year older than myself. I have worked as a machinist, mechanic, manager and more. My true passion is starting with a problem, contemplating a resolution, drafting a design and then making that creation come to life. I am more than willing to pass on the knowledge I have on any matter to anyone who is willing to learn. However, should someone display that they lack a certain interest, that willingness quickly diminishes. I appreciate those people on forums who are here not because they themselves need questions answered, but enjoy answering the questions of those junior to them and I hope to learn as much as I can from those such people.
  4. Good Evening All Im new to the site and wanted to introduce myself, I teach welding and I'm also a CWI.. Have been in the industry for 30 plus years and Im finally getting to do what I want and that is blacksmithing. Any advice is extremely helpful and appreciated.. I shall help all that needs my help as well.. Thank You Phil M..
  5. Hi Guys, I am pleased to have found a useful forum, i am an apprentice trained blacksmith since leaving school and been under the heavy hammers, in and out of the trade all my life (now 51) and have just been messing with building a forge, i have so far come up with this one which i have found to be totally ok for my needs, it runs off a 240volt air bed compressor. Regards Andy Waring DEWSBURY West Yorkshire
  6. Greetings all! I am new to this site and have read a lot of the posts, along with a lot of research outside this site. I do have a few questions on my build that I cant seem to find answers too. I have been told that 240-350 cubic inch per one burner. Which number is closer? I don't want to build a "cheap" forge, but I sure don't want to pay an arm and a leg for some thing I might only take up as a hobby. I do have a blower to use on build, but I have recently read that it might be too weak. CFM isn't listed. I want to say its 1550 rpm. Most likely its out of a old furnace. It also says "#1 Thermal Protected" so I am not too sure if it shuts down at a specific temp or what that means. As for the burner(s) I have seen so much talk on one way or another for burner builds. My forge was going to be around 600 cubic inches. I do want to make it smaller if I can. I can get the ceramic wool in 1" or 2" from what I am told easily. (we will see when the time comes) Along with cast-able refractory if I need it. I was going to line the inside of the stainless steel shell but I was told it might break and fall into it. is this true? If I am doing a blower + propane setup do I need an elbow before it hits the burner? (to mix the gas I assume) There plans too be 3 doors on it. ! back door that I can take down if I need to do larger items, and 2 front doors that swing out and to either side with an exhaust hole in them when they are closed. There will be a small porch as well. What (if any) is the ratio of burner to exhaust hole size? I plan on making it an outside forge, that is semi portable. If I make the bed or floor do I put it on the blanket or the cast-able refractory, or just cast it along with the rest the shell? As for the propane setup I was planning on running 1 BBQ sized bottle. Will it freeze up? I'm sorry for all the questions, but from what I have read there is a ALOT of knowledgeable people here. Where I live I cant seem to find any one near that has any info. I tell people I want to build a forge and I get either "what's that" or "why?!" (mid west Montana) If there is any one that wants to talk one on one I will be fine with that as well. Just figured that a few of the many questions I had where not listed (or I overlooked them) in the forums and would be helpful for others as well. The more I know, the more questions I have it seems. I thought this would be some simple project in the start but I have created a monster of one for me! :unsure: P.S. I know this belongs in a different thread but I will ask here first since I have asked a lot from you guys/gals as is. I am also looking for an anvil but don't want to buy it if I cant see/feel it. What stores or places would have such an item that would be worth buying? Again so sorry for the long post. I want to get this right and not have to scrap it and start over. If you need more info or questions for me please feel free to ask.
  7. ... and Hello from Northern Virginia. :) I've always been fascinated by blacksmithing, but never had the chance/tools to try it. On a whim, I broke out my MAPP plumbing torch, stuck a small sledgehammer head into a stump, and grabbed my grandad's big old Ball Pein hammer. It's nothing special, but for my first whack (haha) at hammer and fire, I was both suprised and pleased. :) Needless today, I now have the bug and need tools! Any active Blacksmithing Groups in Northern VA? Anyone near Virginia have advice on obtaining an actual anvil? Seems hard to find... Thanks! Jeremy