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Found 3 results

  1. Greetings IFI metallurgy and technology enthusiasts! GADZOOKS! Just reported. Perovskite a titanium mineral, (CaTiO3). can use light in the terahertz range to transfer data 1,000 times faster than silicon chips. And it can handle more than one wavelength at the same time. Which means that it will eventually run way faster than 1,000 times. Electronic chips can be layered with this material. The mineral is cheap and plentiful. It has been known since 1839. Only eight years ago scientists discovered that perovskite converts sunlight into electricity. SLAG Kids you not. Check out this reference, https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/technology/scientists-discover-miracle-mineral-that-could-make-internet-1000-times-faster/ar-BBFMyNb?li=AA4Zoy&ocid=spartanntp Will wonders ever cease? I think not. Your faithful technology and science reporter. SLAG.
  2. I just came across a 2015 article describing a new development, in iron-aluminum alloys that are just as strong and as light as titanium alloys. The new discovery is a method to make such alloys non brittle. The new process is brilliant and should allow metallurgists to formulate even better alloys in the near future. Titanium is extremely abundant but is notoriously difficult to purify and hard to work. Therefor, it is expensive. Try this reference. http://www.popularmechanics.com/technology/news/a13919/new-steel-alloy-titanium/ And enjoy. SLAG.
  3. this is probably a weird question but am curious if anyone has thoughts or knowledge ... i found a few pieces of the steel pictured below at a scrap yard. did a spark test and it appears to be your generic everyday mild steel. when I used a chop saw to cut it the first 1/2" or so cut just like mild steel ... easy to get through, long sparks - no problem. then as i get closer to the center it's nearly impossible to cut through and giving off short sparks that look more like spring steel ... blew my 25 amp breaker a few times trying to get through which i finally did after a while. my question ... is it possible or common that two types of steel were combined into a single piece? there's lot's of things i dont know about working with metals but i definately know how to use a chop saw and this is the first time i've run across something that behaved in this way. ** the top picture is another piece as found it in the scrap yard, the bottom is a cross section of the piece i cut. any thoughts or comments would be great. thanks
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