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Found 43 results

  1. Well, I finished my tire hammer so it's on to the next project. I decided that I wanted a belt grinder more versatile than my old Grizzly 2x72. I started this project last Thursday. I am using a 2.25hp treadmill and mc-60 controller. I CAD drew the platen and attachments and had a local fab shop laser cut them for me. I also had them cut a straight platen for upright work. I bought the rollers from Oregon blade maker. Very nice quality. I plan on adding a ten inch contact wheel and arm.I should have everything finished and running tomorrow. Then to build some jigs for it......
  2. I need a hobby other then fishing & Hunting due to mobility issues! I selected forging knives, forming steel into shaped needed for gardening, etc... I purchased a welder XXXXXX More then what I need at this point buy wanted option as my skills progress! I purchased an old stainless steel milk can 10'" W 35"Round 19X"H VERY thin wall maybe 1/16" Milk can is by JOHN WOOD CO ST PAUL MN. I Plan to cut the neck off and cut the bottom out! There is a small drain value near the bottom - should I seal that up & cut hole in center for propane pipe feeding? After weeks of reading, searching I believe I need to purchase 2" of some insulation like kaowool or similar ceramic insulation BUT so many selections I am unsure ? Di I also need ceramic fiber board or can firebrick good enough to cover end if needed to keep in heat? Then some heat resistant cement to paint on the insulation and again so darn many suggestions & beliefs? The firebrick is straight forward I believe but any option is welcome! I plan to put up a 10'W x 5'L x 7'H Lean-to made of steel sheeting or galvanized sheeting and am looking for materials I can afford. The floor will be of dirt or fine gravel and steel grate but still thinking. I need more knowledge on creating a SAFE deliver system for the propane I plan to use. The propane will be from a standard 40lb type used for my grill . I watched many videos but it seems they skip the regulator issues. Can I use the regulator from my grill. I have a quick /connect/release regulator that hooks to grill heating system that connects to the propane tank! It seem I can construct a torch that will feed into the forge via regulator from the grill? In any case I need more data on how to accomplish this task in a SAFE way! I do have a very small anvil and purchased a 3' section of railroad rail I plan to mount upside down and use as the main anvil! Could NOT afford a real anvil! Any constructive instruction and references will be greatly appreciated!
  3. Heya guys, You know what time it is! Let me know if any of these blanks interest you and we'll get them into your hands. 80CrV2, already heat treated. Has a fun lanyard hole/loop that'll provide an extra challenge. A customer already has their eye on this one - I would need you to finish it and slap my provided micarta on. We will agree on how to divide profits privately. Email at [email protected] TheoRockNazz.com 1095 fighter, already heat treated. Can be bought outright or percentage of final sales (email for specifics) 80CrV2 cleaver/chopper... clopper?..cheaver? Already head treated. Has inverted distal taper. Can be bought outright or percentage of final sales (email for specifics) 1095 thick chef's knife, heat treated with temper line. Can be bought outright or percentage of final sales (email for specifics)
  4. I have not made a whole lot this past year and a half... but my students sure have! Check out this long montage of students at the forge and showing off their knives!
  5. Hey ive been wanting to learn how to do this type of handle that I really only see on old items and I've recently been asked to make an herb chopper like this I can't tell how it would be affixed (especially without modern adhesives) in such a way that it can take stress in any direction without wiggling or coming loose. Anyone who has information regarding this style of attaching a Tang like this perpendicular to the grain would be greatly appreciated and another good skill to learn.
  6. I have cut down on my farrier work because of knee problems, so have done a little more knife making. First is made from a piece of cable, but I welded a piece of spring steel on the blade because I didn't think the cable would be strong enough. Second one is 100% cable blade. Third is a farrier's rasp with red stag handle. fourth is farrier's rasp with a combo wood elk horn. Fifth is a set of filet knives from hacksaw blade. The last one is a blend of chainsaw chain and farrier rasp, but I forgot and left it in the etching dip too long and almost lost the blade. I almost threw it out, but decided to finish it, glad I did, it does have it's own class. Last pic is of it before handle.
  7. Hello everyone. Today I had an extremely rare hour of free time so I decided to forge a knife. Once I got the shape roughed out I had to start supper so I shut off blower of my coal fore and sat the blade on top of the coal so that it could cool down slowly. I just removed it from the forge and it has a dark black spot on it, so should I be concerned that I burned it? Or is there no way it could have gotten hot enough?
  8. What can I write that those grins don't say already Teaching has been the most rewarding thing I've ever done
  9. Greetings I. F. I. citizens, I just bumped into Mr. Nazz's & Mr. Kamamura's work shops. Check them out for a quick tour. http://www.history.com/shows/forged-in-fire/season-4/episode-21/bonus-tour-neil-and-theos-home-forges Two centers of great works, Regards, SLAG.
  10. Alright so for my name I was going with JB Custom Knives. But that got taken so I went with JBowen knives but its taken too. I already have a touch mark with JB on it so I would like a new name that has JB in it or starts with that. Does anyone have a new name in mind?
  11. Hello, new member from near Wichita, Ks. I have only been playing with smithing for a few months but find it very rewarding and therapudic. Grandfather was a blacksmith but he passes when I was only 7 so I have always had an interest in the craft but been too busy with life until now. I admit the show forged in fire did respark my interest and bring me to where I am now. I built a modified version of the freon bottle mini forge, purchased a Oregon blade maker 2x72 belt grinder, and made a striking anvil from 2 - 60# blocks of steel. I have made 5 knives learning something with every one. Not looking to start a business just enjoying experimenting and learning something about how my forefathers made their tools.
  12. Hi everyone! I just started smithing literally days ago. Never hammered on steel or knew anything about it. Being obsessed with the show Forged in Fire I set out to build a propane forge and start practicing. This morning I lit the forge and placed in a piece of 3/4" round (no idea of the grade but it does weld easily???). Took me about 4hrs but I got a rough knife shaped object out of it. I kind of let steel do what it wanted too until a shape appeared. I found it fairly difficult to move the steel and make a flat from the round bar. Any suggestions to help improve? Maybe ways or places to strike that you have found to draw material out more easily (width I was able to figure out but lengthing was almost impossible). Many thanks and I hope to participate in this forum more often as I grow as a Smith.
  13. This batch is half new stuff, half stuff I couldn't get rid of before... please take them off my hands, haha If you've already laid claim to one let me know and I'll finally put it in the mail lol
  14. I decided to just make a new topic for student work because they have been cranking them out lately! Usually their first knives are 1095 with some sort of micarta/G10/synthetic. Everyone has been so creative with even with that limitation - I think that's the nature of teaching youth, they are inventive! One of my more recent students said something that really stuck with me: "Some day I'm going to give this to my kid". That's what it's all about
  15. Today I finished the first of two Kelly Carlson blades I was given by two collectors to complete. Kelly passed several years ago, and his son recently started selling and giving away his father's unfinished blades, tools, materials, etc.. This bowie is very hard mystery stainless that was already buffed when I received it. I forged the guard from mild steel, and the pommel is a tapped mild steel ball that I did some shaping on - both were media blasted then sealed. I welded a threaded rod to the base of the blade and assembled the guard, caribou antler, and aluminum as if it was a take-down construction but used JB weld everywhere so it ain't coming apart. It was a bit strange working on another smith's blade. His grinds are perfect, but I have no clue what his plans were for the handle, so I am sure I ruined whatever the original flow was supposed to be haha. The customer/collector was very happy with my "rough" addition to an otherwise clean and crisp blade - he likes my brut de forge style. Comments and critique always welcome. I would be interested in hearing if anyone else ever worked on another smith's blade, especially if he/she had already passed.
  16. Ethan here, The last couple of months have kept me busy with and order a commission from the Calgary stampede. After making my first Damascus knife back in January, my mother had posted it on Facebook, which usually I'm not happy about but I no longer think that way... But s keen eye saw that post and took it to a committee at the Calgary stampede and they liked what they saw. Next thing you know I have a deal with them for 12, 9 inch long Damascus knives. Specifically, they are for the brand consignment, for the world auctioneer championships. This is my first "large" commission order and I'm pleasantly surprised with the outcome. They are a very simple drop point design, but I've been carrying a smaller one I made and I love it. I know y'all are going to be wondering what type of wood it is, and I'm sad to say I really don't know. I know that it is a very very hard "Rosewood quote that grows in Asia and I really like how it looks. I think the name also includes all 26 letters of the alphabet but I will try and find it out anyway looking forward to all of your experienced eyes to critique it ! I also have 12 steak Turner's to go with the knives, but I am putting them in the blacksmithing section of this for him to avoid combining topics:)
  17. Is it just me, or is this knife begging for a clip point?
  18. Hello all, new to this forum and I was hoping I could get some advice. I am really interested in Smithing and I would like to pick up this hobby, and I have some questions. I am going to start building my forge. I was thinking about welding two 20 pound propane tanks together. I plan on making knives and small swords/machetes and the likes. I plan on lining it with 2 inches of kaowool with firebrick on the bottom and adding a door and all that. It is going to be a propane forge. My first question is will this forge need 2 burners? Or just one? I know there are different kinds of burners. Am I going overkill on size? Should I just use one 20 pound tank? What size anvil should I be looking for? And I am aware that a belt grinder is the best tool for grinding the blades, but I'm trying to save money because I'm buying a pistol soon. Would a bench grinder suffice if I use a softer stone? Sorry for all of the questions I just want to do things right.
  19. HI all, I have been putting off making or buying a maker's mark for some time now. My problem, which will lead to a question, is in the simplicity of the mark that I am leaning toward. Two letters SB in a "rune" style font that should be easy to make or have made. For obvious reasons I'm worried that someone else might be utilizing something close enough to this that they might take offense or, at the least, it could cause confusion. I'd rather not get in the business of calling people up to remove a mark or having to explain to someone why I didn't put a little time into confirming that my mark was actually my mark. Any help would be appreciated. Also, I am open to alternative suggestions for a mark. I am looking to keep it simple. I can provide more info about myself if someone just really enjoys designing marks.haha
  20. I have currently been working on two different blades since the "First Knife" post; one I've been working on since before this summer, and another I just started a couple weeks ago. NUMBER 1: I call it the backyard Bichaq, because the design was inspired by an Ottoman Bichaq I saw in a book on knives. As you can see, it is very close to finish: the only two processes left for the bladework are quenching and tempering. Given that this is effectively a first time father-son project, it's (in my mind) very good for a first time. What do any of the more seasoned bladesmiths here think? The Backyard Bichaq is partially double edged; the upper edge is much shorter that the lower edge. It already has holes drilled into the tang for brass pins, and I plan on fitting it with a walnut-scale handle and a brass guard. it is about 9.2-3in. long NUMBER 2: This one I call the Backyard Baselard. As you can see, it has been shaped in the forge extensively but is relatively fresh to filework. It has sustained some slight cracking and material loss as a result of its thinness, and is slightly warped towards the tip, but I have faith it will make for a great blade. If it breaks, I will just file it down shorter. Again, do any of the more seasoned bladesmiths want to share their opinions on this one? I have plans to fit it using a partial "Baselard" Hilt using two guards to produce the "I" shape that dagger type is famous for. One I have plans to fashion myself (out of copper) and the other I saw in a catalog from Jantz Supply. The rest of the handle will probably be either walnut, kirinite, or (if me and my dad are feeling ambitious) some African Blackwood we bought a while back at the same place we got the walnut (because it was on sale). The baselard is about 12.5in. long So, what do you think? Given that I jumped into the complex process of bladesmithing the first opportunity I got, did these turn out very well given the time, effort, and work I put into them?
  21. Hi there! This is my first post and I'm Looking to make a custom Yari spear. Although it's a pretty simple concept, I do not like the looks of mass produced spears online. And FULL custom spears from oustanding guys like Miller Bros Blades is really (really- really) expensive ...Therefore why not make a custom one. Goal: A really durable tactical fighting spear. my concept:***5ft ' 3in carbon fiber pole Diameter: 1 1/2" -filled with a wood pole thats 1.25'' in diameter I like carbon fiber and think it's a good material for practicing your forms while still being light and strong enough to hold its own against wood. Ofcourse not many recommend it since wood is proven true to be the best material (and theres a reason we still use wood bo staffs today folks). Good wood gives you Weight, sturdiness, flexibility in a staff. However, recently I got inspired by a thread i read at a different site about filling a carbon fiber pole (air tight) with a wood of some kind (like ash, wax, hickory,..etc.). Blade : Custom 9" z wear pm steel / double edge blade. Pretty tough steel.Overall Length: 6ft (I'm 5'11)Other custom ideas like a "Reinforced Steel end cap" and "steel braces" on each end will be worked on as the setup gos.What are y'all thoughts on this? Might turn out just as cool as it will be fun. Also could use some tips on how the blade can be secured in the tubing without looking Tarzan made lol. P.s. I'll attach images of what i want the spear to look very similar too. Its a full custom spear made by Miller Bros Blades. (The spear tubing from the photos attached are also carbon fiber but hollow.)
  22. Good day, I have been making knives as a hobby to make a little bit of money, but I have always used materials like saw blades and things like that for my knives. I am wanting to get into making some out of stainless steel, as there have been a few who have asked for that. Now that leads me to the question of what steel would be best, I am wanting a not too expensive, but fairly good quality steel which is not too hard to machine. I work with very few tools, and my belt sander is only a hand belt sander mounted upside-down. For my customers it is a selling point, as they want to support the small guy. Thanks for your input! Seth Lancaster
  23. I have a collection of antique tools. I have some old ice block tongs and I was curious. If I make a k ife out of them will it harden they seem to be made of the same metal that old cotton scale balances and hooks were made of. Also I have some old monkey wrenches I want to make knives out of. I have no experience in metal working of any sort.
  24. So I have a little problem and I am kind of stymied... I bought a bundle of various sized 52100 round stock a few years ago at a blacksmithing event, can't remember the details at the moment. I just recently pulled it out and tested a small piece for a slipjoint knife build. I forged the shape, ground it to near the final thickness, normalized and hardened. Low and behold I barely get 50 HRC... Did it a second time and got virtually the same result---------so I see 3 possibilities: I got sold something that isn't 52100, my heat treat process was totally wrong, or I had massive decarb. I don't think decarb is really the issue because I ground away the surface steel and put a wash of satanite on before the hardening (the second round was done without the satanite just in case that had botched the quench, but results were the same). My heat treatment may have been a bit off, but I still wouldn't expect to get such low hardness. Here is the procedure I used: 2 normalizing cycles at about 1475, held for about 2-3 minutes then air cooled. Bring up to 1500 then hold for 10-15 minutes and quench in 125 degree cooking oil--------as quenched hardness was only 50 HRC. My temperature control should be pretty good, I use a thermocouple in my forge to monitor temp during heat treats. I also used a similar process to harden some W1 (with shorter soaking times) at the same time and I got a hardness of 65 HRC. So, any ideas what might be going wrong???
  25. I'm a new member here and I thought this may be a good place to put a timeline of my blades for all to see and give input on. I've been a stock remover for about a year now but have only been a blacksmith for a month or two at this point in time. This first picture is the first blade I've forged. The only time I used the grinder was to clean up the grind some and sharpen it. This second picture is the next blade I forged. I made it out of some blister steel (that's a whole other story) an completely forged it, bevels and all. Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more! I usually can get a couple done per week so I'll try to stay as up to date as I can. Feel free to give me feedback! no this was not a good place, we have a knife section, I will relocate for you.
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