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Found 3 results

  1. So I've been striking out on what I think is a common technique. I can't wrap my brain around the process and oddly enough I can't find a single reference on the ol' internet- and I haven't been able to get to the library. Maybe I'm looking under the wrong topics? Would love a reference and/or discussion. A bit of a two part question- the first leads into the real project... Part 1 How do you make an angled mortise and tenon joint? This seems to be a common technique in traditional stairway pickets in order to maintain a nice joint while keeping the picket nice and vertical and the handrail at it's correct angle (that is without the handrail cap). It's really a question about the shoulder I think; I can make a nice 90 degree joint, but how do you make that joint a different angle without bending the tenon and ending up with a sloppy looking joint? Part 2 Ok, so the project I'm working on is a firewood holder (and sorry, no pictures yet and we'll see how far my description goes). Think 2 half circles next to each other with the ends/top being closer than the base like a cradle- or two tires leaning on each other if that makes sense. The circles would be joined with stock tenoned on both ends flush with the inside of the two circles. The Upper joint would be perhaps 1 foot wide, and the base/feet would be riveted at about 1.5ft. I know I could just rivet some stock on the outside of the circle with this spacing, but would like to figure this out. Oh- I'm using 5/8 square and looking at a diameter of about 3.5ft wide and about that tall (we'll see if I fall back to 1/2''!) Hope this isn't to confusing, but appreciate any thoughts and suggestions! Thanks a whole bunch!
  2. These are some process shot of a small grill i built as a prototype for a larger project. I find it more productive to work out all the kinks in a sample piece before I start the actual commission. Then I have another piece for the showroom as well.
  3. so i have a design for a chair that deals with branch-like-vines and wrapping, i would post pics of the drawings but i can't currently due to very restricted internet at the moment. Regardless of that, the legs runs up into both the armrest and the back support, the support from the middle of the armrest runs down to the middle of leg, but i want that support to be wrapped around both the arm rest and leg. i'm hoping that is descriptive enough to get the real problem figured out though! here it is: using a gas forge (metalsmithing from diamondback ironworks) how can you wrap one side to the arm rest (which is built into the legs mind you) back down to the leg? the back of the chair is running off of the same piece as the leg, so you can't really stick the other end back into the forge to get to wrap it around, and i don't have a torch to heat it up to wrap it around the leg. i really hope all of this make sense! if not i will post pictures of my sketches once i'm in a place that can allow me to put pictures up.
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