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Found 3 results

  1. I found this 5” square stock that’s about 16” long at the scrap yard for $40 I was trying to figure out how to anchor it. I am going in between setting it in concrete or making a wooden stand and welding on some angle iron to secure it. any suggestions would be a great help!
  2. Hi, first post. I've read a lot on IFI and done a number of searches since joining. Need a different idea... I found a 120lb chunk of steel at a recycle place. Some kind of construction bracket? It has a nice surface and the top is 2" thick. I radiused a few edges. It used to have a 3" round hole in the top. I decided I wanted a hardy hole, so with some advice from the folks on a well known welding forum, I cut 1" square holes in two pieces of 3/8" plate, sandwiched them, and welded them into the hole. So that part is only 3/4" thick. I have a coal forge I built from a rusted out water pressure tank and a Silverado brake drum. Little better than a rivet forge but useful. Used it yesterday for the first extended time period (not just a "test run"), and realized quickly I would really like a horn. I'm looking for a decent anvil at a reasonable price (ha). Also rather not spend a lot while I am testing out this hobby. In the mean time, I plan to use this ASO of mine. I would like to add a horn to it. There are cone hardy tools, and if they would stay in place and not rattle about, I expect that would work. But I used one in a class and it was tricky. Not like a horn. More like just for truing up. I found a "viking anvil" online. It has a stake on it. Don't know if it would fit in the 1" hardy hole. It is cast, but no other information about it on the company's website. I think he casts them himself. I expect I can't mention the company, but if you search for "viking anvil" and go to the last post on the blade smith forum thread that comes up, you'll find it. Weighs 19 lbs. I guess that is better than a hardy hole cone for my purposes. Might be heavy enough... Can't weld it in place or I lose my hardy hole. Has anyone any experience with this one? Been looking for a while for something suitable at the recycle yard. Nothing yet. A blacksmith I met here mentioned forging a sledge hammer head into a horn. Maybe, if I could hold it in place (no), and difficult on my soft iron ASO. I can make small bicks from 1" round stock, but that will rattle around, too. I really want something more like a horn. Best idea might be patience. Other ideas? -Q
  3. heloo people, i am not a real black smith or anything but i am an enthusiastic new metal worker and i make improvised swords and stuff i live in quite an urbanised area but there arent really any advanced hardware stores around, so i usually have to make a barbecue fire or use the kitchen stove and collect junk :D and i dont have access to proper steels. recently i started work on a knife, it normal iron,the type used by welders for making gates and ladders ( its not steel as far as i know) , and i need to harden it as much as i can because right now its not much use as the edge isnt durable, what exactly should i do? i have no access to torches or a forge or power tools, basically im in the medieval times :D what should i use to quench this knife? used motor oil or water ? pleeease help me out i really need help
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