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Found 3 results

  1. I have a fire brick forge with a frosty tee style burner of 3/4" this is the second time I have build it since all my fire bricks have cracked. I finally ordered some Rutland refractory cement abut 15lbs of it hoping that will help my heating issues before this I could get 1" square mild steel up to a yellow heat now I can only get to a orange heat just barely at 6-12 psi on 1/4" rebar. I'm getting a vector edge 2.0 high flow reg. hoping that will also help. I'm not in an enclosed shop but in a 3 walled 10x9 shed that I build on my parents land (I think its called a run-in shed) so I'm exposed to the elements and I know that will have some effects on it. "Just do it but, be ready to run like xxxx." i this was the 1st thing I made before all the bricks cracked
  2. I recently completed a ribbon burner propane forge loosely following waynecoe’s design but I’m having some issues with getting it hot enough. A piece of 1/4 in round stock will barely get red hot even if left in for 5 minutes or so. The forge is lined with kaowool and castolite so it should be insulated well enough. In addition I’ve casted Some firebrick from said castolite to act as heat barriers on the end. Im scared to death that I’m going to have to sink more money into this but I assume I will need a oxygen source that I can adjust. The gas supply is a 0-30 adjustable regulator then a ball valve which finally goes into a needle valve. I was getting rebar to start sparkling but XXXXXXXXXXXhad all the gates open all the way. The tank would also freeze up in about 20 minutes. Since then I’ve substantially toned down the propane I’m feeding it. If ya’ll have any ideas it would be tremendously appreciated.
  3. Hello all. I am just starting into blacksmithing and am gathering some tings together to give it a go. Yesterday I picked up an awesome Peter Wright #129 for $350. In theese parts thats a very good price. Last week at an auction I saw a 250# no markings anvil go for $1780 and a 200# no name go for $1625. I had $800 and was sure I was going to get one of them so I passed up on tons of great stuff. Anyhow my question is that my forge will be outside and I live in South Dakota. I wanted to try hammering some steel this winter but I am now thinking that the temps will probably not allow this. It seems to me that when we have a temp of 8 or below and a wind chill on top of that by time I pull the piece from the fire and put it on the anvil it will simply be cooling too fast to work it. I do have a four car garage and will be dedicating a bay to blacksmithing with a gas forge I am not able to do that now. I do not have the space to build another building on the property to have as a forge so the garage is it. Insurance will not let me do a coal based fire inside the building and we have numerous burining restrictions in the summer months which can last for months. However a propane forge inside the garage seems the best way to keep neighbors and council happy. So can forging be done outside in frigid conditions and still wind up with good results? Or should I just concentrate on setting up shop indoors with the propane forge and just try to collect some more basics like a leg vise and a heaver work bench along with more reading material. Dave Please ignore the spelling. I have had 5 hours sleep in the last 3 days. I work overnight weekends in the largest hospitial in our area.
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