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Found 7 results

  1. I am just writing to remind anyone and everyone who does not already know, that Zinc plated or Galvanized steels should never be used in blacksmithing. The Brake rotor forge I had recently build used a galvanized pipe flange. I knew about the perils of heating zinc long before building my forge, but I convinced myself that the pipe fitting wouldn't get hot enough to vaporize (1665 F). I was obviously quite wrong. This past weekend I was out using the forge and as soon as I came back in the house my throat felt awful and raspy. The next day I had a few flu like symptoms that seemed similar to the Infamous "Metal fume Fever". Thank God, by Sunday morning I was feeling fine and my illness had past. I have a good reason to believe that my brief ailment was caused by zinc fumes and was not just coincidental. The Bottom Line is beware of Zinc coated steel when blacksmithing and never use them in forge construction unless you are 100% sure that they will not get too hot!
  2. Hello everyone, I am just starting to get into the art of blacksmithing and wanted to build a very popular beginner forge which was an easy cheap way for me to go but after hearing about all the bad stuff on galvanized pipes am afraid to light up my forge now lol. here are some pics of the forge I built. I am in the NC area. Please any advice or tips on how to proceeded would be greatly appreciated. Merry Xmas.
  3. Hi All, New here and I could not find the proper thread as I am sure it has been fully discussed. So I do apologise for bringing this up... Again I am in the process of building my own forge (never hammered on steel before). I have a 2" pipe that is Galv. That I want to use for my burner intake (hardware store only had up to 1 1/4" in black steel. I have placed the pipe in vinegar for 48hrs so far. Over the first 24hrs there were lots of recations and you could see the zinc being stripped. Now though, there is no more reactions and no more foam on the top. I am assuming the pipe has been stripped but it still looks like it might have Galv. Still on it??? How do you know for sure? I have attached some images. The last is the pipe post vinegar 48hrs and scrubbed with a SS wire brush.
  4. So I see people talking about how you should stay away from forging galvanized metal, but I know that after a long time it can rust. If it's rusted would it be safe to smelt at that point? thanks
  5. I've got a few questions that I need answered. I've tried asking at other places, and people just freak out when they see 'galvanized' and proceed to lecture me. I know it's dangerous stuff, definitely not something to trifle with. But, here lies my issue. I just put up a wood fence around my yard, and so now I've got a load of old chainlink piled up. I have read that chainlink is typically made of aluminum or galvanized steel, and that galvanizing can and will wear off, given enough time. Now I know the stuff I have has to be ferrous, because it's all a dark reddish brown color, with pitting and flaking apparent all over. I looked up the markings and numbers on the fence posts themselves, and from what I can gather, the fence was installed sometime in the late 40's early 50's. That's a good 60-70 years ago. Given that amount of time, would it be safe to assume that all the zinc is gone, posing no threat? Does galvanizing penetrate into the steel below or does it simply bond to the surface? Some of the fence posts are rusted, but with risen patches of a silvery metal, what I assume is the zinc layer, leading me to believe it bonds to the surface. I would really like to hear from someone with years of wisdom on this subject. I just can't pass up all this free steel, but if it's better to scrap it then so be it. My plan with this stuff, if it's safe to use at this point, would be to cut the chain link into small pieces and melt the bits in a crucible to form usable chunks that could forge welded together, if only just to practice these processes. I assume the steel used for chainlink isn't tool grade steel, probably pretty soft, yeah?
  6. I have just started to forge, and I have a question about metals. Can someone please tell me which metals are toxic when burnt and metals that are safe? I know galvanized metals are toxic but how do you identify them?
  7. So here is the deal I am building my first break drum forge and I have basically everything I need. I just need to know what type of washers, bolts and nuts are safe to use to bolt the drum to the flange on the pipe. Now I understand galvanized is a big no-no, but according to anvilfire's safety section on fumes you shouldn't be messing with stainless steel either. On another thread in this form I read to use stainless steel. the link to that particular thread I mentioned is below. Sorry if this is a re-post I searched the forum and did not find a suitable answer. I have picked up "black steel pipe" not black iron pipe to use and just wanted to know if that was safe as well.
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