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Found 13 results

  1. From the album: C.W.Coe Upright Drill Presses

    Back side view of C. W. Coe New No. 1 Upright drill press.
  2. So I have always admired the older style of drill presses but never expected to really purchase one but this little beauty came along at a really good price and I couldn't pass it up! The former owner had it hanging way up at the top of this huge building he had along with lots of other old tools. When he got it several several years ago all he did to it was coat it in paint. All the thick paint it going to be a pain to get off but I'm not complaining, it really preserved it super well and the thing is just in amazing shape. I got it all tore it down tonight and plan of using electrolysis to get all the thick paint off it this weekend. I am going to repaint it afterwards but I don't know how I want to, so give me suggestions by showing me what yours looks like.
  3. Hey everyone, I just recently picked up a Kern Machine Tool CO. Camelback Drill Press. It was originally purchased and used by the Maysville hydroelectric plant blacksmith shop servicing Salida Colorado. When that shop modernized it was shipped to the Glenwood Springs shop. Finally when that shop modernized as well an employee bought the drill, I then bought it from him. So this drill has seen a lot of use and history. I want to lightly restore the drill and make use of it in my shop. It has been well taken care of and the Babbitt was only poured 5 or so years ago and seems tight with remaining shims to go. To which end I am turning to my fellow smiths for knowledge and advise. So here is what I need to know. 1. What arbor taper does it use? I think it is an mt3 but I am not positive. 2. It came with the original working motor from 1896 which is 220 volts 1800 rpm and here's the kicker 2 phase. How can I convert my single phase 220 to 2 phase 220. 3. If I have to get a new motor what motors do those of you with your own Camelback use? Can I gets picks of the data plate. 4. should I just spruce it up since everything moves well and works, or should I do a complete tear down. Thanks in advance for the help I will add progress pics as needed
  4. So I bought this neat little drill press on a local auction website for $24 (plus $3 for tax and premiums). And I didn't really do any serious restoration work, just derusting and wire brushing and cleaning up grime and dirt and lubing things up. The gears and everything run quite smoothly now. But I can tell that the shaft the flywheel is on is either bent, or the hole the shaft runs in (bore?) is worn, at any rate, I can tell the flywheel is just a teeny bit off balance. Is this something to be worried about and should it be fixed? The other thing is about the bearings. I had heard that there were bearings in the drill press, but I couldn't find any. Then I found some super-tiny ball bearings on the work table, and realized where they had come from--between two grooved disks that were in between the end of the feed screw and the end of the drilling shaft. BUT, the number of bearings that I found on the table (they had fallen out accidentally without me noticing) weren't near enough to fill up the bearing race. So, did I accidentally lose half the ball bearings? I looked and looked but never did find any more. Will the bearings do fine? If the bearing race is not all the way full, will it cause uneven wear? I tried to find information on drill press bearings, but came up empty-handed. Honestly, I feel kind of dumb asking such a simple question, but it is bothering me! I also was wondering about the auto feed mechanism. It really feels clumsy, but perhaps it will work better once I get a chuck mounted and actually start drilling. What has your experience been with the auto feed? Here are some pictures for what they're worth.
  5. I have a champion blower force drill press #203 with flat belt drive. Looking for info! Seems very rare with my research.
  6. I'm looking for info on a drill press we have, haven't been able to find anything like it anywhere. If anyone has any info or could point me in the right direction that would be great. It in a champion blower and forge co. Post drill press, the chuck only has one bolt which makes me think it's an early model but every one I have found with the single bolt on the chuck has a roller on the ratcheting arm and this one doesn't. Thanks, jake
  7. Hello, I'm working on getting my drill press running. The driven wheel material seems slightly hard and slippery. I haven't been able to drill with it yes to see if it is going to slip although I am fairly certain it will. Does anyone know what kind of material it is? See pictures.
  8. Quarry Dog

    Drill Press + Pipe Vise

    Found these today.
  9. From the album: C.W.Coe Upright Drill Presses

    Close-up left side view of C. W. Coe New No. 1 Upright drill press.
  10. From the album: C.W.Coe Upright Drill Presses

    Left side view of C. W. Coe New No. 1 Upright drill press.
  11. From the album: C.W.Coe Upright Drill Presses

    Close-up right side view of C. W. Coe New No. 1 Upright drill press showing name.
  12. From the album: C.W.Coe Upright Drill Presses

    Right side view of C. W. Coe New No. 1 Upright drill press.
  13. From the album: C.W.Coe Upright Drill Presses

    Right front view of C. W. Coe New No. 1 Upright drill press.
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