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Found 1 result

  1. Alright, I will start by saying I am New to the wonder full job of Blacksmithing. I have learned a load of information Rom this particular site and I have heeded every single bit of advicenter. Now that y'all know I'm a boot, I can tell you my problem. This is the 6th day straight I have been out at my forge attempting to bend metal. I for the life of me, can not get my Anthracite (hard coal) to stay at forging temperature. I will walk you through step by step on how I start my day of smithing. First I set up my substitute blower system, which is composed of Two low quality air compressors. The compressors have 1/4 inch hoses that run to a duct tape reinforced 50 gallon trash bag, which then has a two inch pipe that leaders to the bottom of my fire pot. Then I start a whole bunch (about 3 very big handfuls) of lump charcoal with a chimney starter an some newspaper for fuel. Once every single piece of charcoal is lit up I dump them into my fire pot. Following this I spread pea sized hard coal over the charcoal, I wait a couple of minutes while regularly pumping my (blower bag) a once the small hard coal is lit I add another decent amount of pea sized coal. Once again I wait another five too ten minutes while still pumping air. When it is all at a decent temperature I add some slight large pieces of hard coal (these pieces were broken up pieces of nut sized anthracite) After they start to light up I cover the fire pot with my largest coal. At this point my fire pots center is very hot and glows bright orange all the way up to almost white (anthracite gets really xxxx hot) I continue pumping air and I wait a few minutes to get the core as glowing s possible. Here is we're it goes down hill, I go to add whatever piece of metal I happen to be attempting to work on. The piece sits and starts getting up to temperature, sometimes I can get a one or two cycles through the forge to the anvil. However most of the time the fire just starts to die out. I have wasted countless amounts of coal and headaches trying this. I am one of the most patient people I know and it is even frustrating me. I consider myself a student of life and would be very appreciative if someone could share some new knowledge with me. Please ask anything that you need to know in case I missed it. I appreciate it very much.
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