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Found 4 results

  1. Finished (mostly) the rebuild of my Champion 400. Still have to put together a new handle and paint the legs, but the rest is complete. The additional painting and touchup will have to wait until I finally get moved. Thanks to the info on various threads here, the rebuild was pretty straightforward. Pretty happy with how it runs and anxious for enough snow to melt so I can get to my coal forge. Not to be a milksop, but a temperature above 5F would also be a bit more comfortable.
  2. I'm stuck on a particular part on the disassembly of a Champion 400. Degreasing has been done. [The paint is the byproduct of the foolish assumption that this particular part of the process was going to be easy.] I'm having a crazy time getting the bushing out. Not sure how else to describe them except via the attached picture. Others have suggested making special tooling or a combination of needle nose pliers and a wrench. My next step is a bit of heat, but before I go there, I wanted to make sure there wasn't anything unusual or weren't any 'tricks' to getting these out. Thanks, Dave
  3. Hello everyone. I bought a Champion 400 blower from a gentleman about an hour away the other day. I've been using a gas forge for a couple of years and have been wanting to get a solid fuel forge, so over the last 6 months or so, I've been buying parts here and there to build one. I had a chance to use a hand-cranked blower at Ed Brazeal's house a few months ago, and since then, I've been watching for one to pop up on Craigslist. The other day, this one popped up (picture from the ad): The gentleman was asking $160 and said it was in good working condition (without a stand), so worried that it may be a long time before I come across another one for sale, I snatched it up. There are a lot of antique/junk stores where I live but you almost never come across blacksmithing equipment (let alone, at a reasonable price) besides the occasional tongs. Here's a picture I took of it when I got home: So, not yet having what I've bought for my coal forge assembled yet, I decided to try it out with what I had laying around. I gathered up some nut-sized charcoal left over from dumping the ash from my firepit. It wasn't enough to get much of a fire going, but once I lit some tinder to get it going, it took off. I duct taped a piece of 2" square tube to the end of the blower and with the whole thing laying on the ground, I cranked the blower to get a nice little fire going on my gravel driveway. Nothing too impressive, but the impression that I took away is that with very little in the way of traditional equipment, you can get a makeshift forge going quickly. Sorry for the crummy night time shot, but this is the whole temporary setup with the fire going at the end of my "tuyere": I put a 3/4" bolt right at the end of the tube and after a few minutes, I was able to get it up to red heat. By then, the little charcoal pile I had was just not enough to get it any hotter. Here's a picture up close of the fire: Anyways, I'll stick to my gas forge until I get everything assembled and get some coal to burn, but like I said earlier, it was pretty interesting to see how little it takes to actually get a good hot fire going. Maybe I'll toy around with it a little bit this weekend.
  4. Is the Cham[ion 400 supposed to be a mulyi-directional crank blower? I picked one up the other day on a trade, and it was seized, and nothing'd come off. Today I got all the oil ports off, and had to drill-out one of the bolts on the top gear box cover, (yes I know penetrating oil didn't work) I even tried a hammer impact with a flat blade end. (Sheared the vintage Snap On blade off). Upon closer inspection of the internals. ITS MINT (all but the gear box cover bolt)!!! Stands perfect, but its difficult to turn one way, and it won't turn at all the other way. I'm thinking it may have something to do with the worm-drive shaft being loose. Because when I look down into the blower and turn the crank, it appears to slip 1/16th forward.