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Found 2 results

  1. Hello, I'm trying to figure out how to make box joint pliers as the title implies. I should first note I'm trying to figure it out without much reference. There's one thread on here but it's not helpful. Anyways, I've based my forgings off an image (see below), and a video of Peter Ross doing the assembly (but not the actual forging). I *think* I have the actual forgings where they should be, but here's is my main problem. When I drift the punched piece, by the time I can squeeze its pair in, it's over stretched and the result is not clean looking and doesn't work great. I made a little sketch explaining what I mean, as I don't have images of pre-trashed attempts of mine, so see attached. I imagine a solution would be to make the punched piece half the length (in the punched) area, and generally bigger than its partner, but in the video they look the same size. I also imagine the hole needs to be punched at an angle. Which seems to stretch the metal even more. I'm only maybe 6 full attempts in, but I'd figure I'd ask about this. I should also note I've been grinding / filing a little bit before the fitting to make sure everything is flat enough, etc, so avoid any issues with that. And on a few I filed the hole to have a slight angle. I've also tried with 1/2", 5/8", and 3/4" square starting stock, but I imagine it wouldn't matter as long as you do it right. So any advice would be appreciated. There's surprisingly little online. Thanks! Reference image of forgings I found - Peter Ross video with assembly (and shots of forgings pre-assembly) -
  2. Can someone direct me to a tutorial on making box joint pliers. I remember seeing a video years ago about smiths in a developing country making pliers. They were knocking them out like crazy.Of course, there was a lot of preparation done before the steps shown in the video. Thanks.
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