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Found 5 results

  1. Hello everyone, I will be soon making my own power hammer. I would like to make a bow spring linkage as seen in the pictures below. From what I have seen and read the springs need to be bent far more than what is commonly available in the form of trailer springs. My Question: How would you bend a trailer spring into a near 'U' shape? Can it be done safely? Please let me know what you guys think. My idea was, worst come to worst, I will just bend them in the forge while hot, and leave them unhardened.
  2. Got a Question...... Thats nothin new is it?? LOL OK So I went to the metal yard today looking for some metal for a firepot and side draft forge hood. After looking for several hours I found a piece of 1/2 sheet big enough for 2 fire pots. After getting home I found that is it Stainless Steel!!!! So my question is this. Will 1/2" SS hold up as good or better than 1/2" mild steel??? Thanks, Trip
  3. Hey yall, I noticed the other day that my forge blower was a little stiff when I tried to turn it, so I filled it to the proper level with gear oil. But today i found that most of the oil was on the floor!!!!!! There isn't any kind of name on the bower it's self, but there is a name on the stand, It reads "TIGER", and I can't find any kind of info on it. Here is a link to a video I made this morning showing where it is leaking oil, and the whole blower it's self. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6NL3b2MX-VM Thanks, Trip
  4. Hey yall, Well I just came in from working on my new masonry forge (I will post photo's when it's done), I am getting close to having to build a fire pot. Although it is a masonry forge it will have a metal fire pot, I know I want to make it out of 3/4" thick steel, but I don't know how big I should make it, 10"X12" OR 12"X14", and how deep 4" OR 4.5"? Also, should I put in a clinker breaker? Also I would like to share with yall how I start my forge fires. I am posting this because my good friend Dave Custer of Fiery Furnace Forge LLC, has a REAL problem on how I do it. What I do is go down to the corn field and pick up corn cobs the combine discards, then when I get back to the shop I soak them in kerosene over nigh, then I set them back for when I want to start a forge fire. So what I do is, I take one KCC (kerosene corn cobs) and set it over the clinker breaker. Then all I have to do is light it with a match and put coke on it, and with just a little air I have a fire that is hot enough for forging in less then a minute. So what do yall think about it? Chase Check out my blogs at http://chewinthefatwithchase.blogspot.com/ & http://kentuckyheritagehomestead.blogspot.com/
  5. I just purchased a 25 Ib Little Giant along with Dave Manzer's 2 videos on tuning the Little Giant and Tooling for the LG. The problem I am having, after turning it on for the first time, is that I have to press my pedal all the way to the ground to get the clutch to engage. By the time it engages my pedal is pressed so far that my dies each other, rather than slowly descending. SO, I am not a very good mechanic and I don't have anyone local to ask about this, but I am guessing my clutch is not engaging because all the grabby stuff that should be on it has worn away. Can anyone help me identify this as the problem and tell me how to fix it?
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