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Found 4 results

  1. as always there's tons of conflicting info out there. i'm making a square edge hardy tool mainly for tenons and lap joints from a piece of track. since there's really no way of knowing what the steel is for sure any thoughts on how to heat treat. after the time it's taking to forge a 4" section into what i need it would really suck if the thing cracks from being too brittle. any suggestions or a link would be great ...thanks
  2. Hi there. I am looking to complete upgrades to my rail track currently being used for an anvil. I have an 18" hunk of track I got from a rail yard (I work as a conductor) I made a horn on one end and want to weld a good piece of steel to the rest of it for a better striking surface and so I can add a hardy hole as well as a pritchel hole. I am thinking about 3" thick but havent decided on that yet. I say 3" because I intend on having the hardy and pritchel holes off the back of the track floating over nothing. Kind of like this ---______> Crude drawing I know but think of that as an anvil if you would please. lol Anyway, does anyone have any recommendations as for what steel to weld on? Type and thickness. PS Im always looking for a local anvil of decent quality and will continue looking, but this is a very cost efficient method for me at this time. Thanks.
  3. Hi, I know that there are tons of these on this site, but none of them really meet my needs. I live in Florida, not in the country at all, and i need an anvil. I can't afford an actual anvil, as I'm only 16 and on a tight budget, nor can i get rail road track, because like I already said i don't live near railroads or rural areas at all. I've heard about the forklift tine idea but I don't really know where i would find one in my area. sorry if there is already something extremely similar to this but the forum is massive and i couldn't find anyone in the same situation as myself. Thanks, Ben
  4. Ok I got this piece of RR track for free but it's a bit different than the last piece I had. LAME BACK STORY First anvil was RR track horizontal with a bit welded on for a "hardie". It did pretty well until I got a 100 lb vulcan. Not top-o-line, but priced right. Now I have moved away from my anvil and am trying to make another to get me by until I can go get it. ACTUAL PERTINANT INFO The cross section of the track I have is smaller than normal. 1.5in by 1in or so (Will post pics tomorrow if I get time) and it wasn't very hard to cut through (though I didn't cut the last piece I had). Could this possibly be some kind of trolly track not RR track? Also, I'm not very good at determining make-up of steel from sparks but this had mondo yellow/gold sparks (set my pants on fire) with lots of carbon sparklers. Face dents easily to a hammer blow but seems to work harden if not struck with a corner. Anyone seen, heard of this stuff and is it worth welding into an anvil? any insight would be helpful
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