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Found 20 results

  1. Rezrat

    Antique Post Vise

    I'm trying to identify this old post vise. It's a 36" post with 4.5 inch jaws. The only identifying mark (shown) looks like it was "35" . I'd appreciate any information anyone can provide.
  2. MD Just showing collection. As of right I have 14 post vises and a few anvils. Today I am going to go pick up what I believe to be around 5 3:4” Peter Wright in Santa Cruz I have a lead on a 6 inch one in writing a 5 1/2 inch one in Turlock 34 inch ones for 65 bucks apiece in Nevada city actually Carson City and then a few more over in Sacramento if anyone was looking . Lately that’s been a hot spot thus will be the second blacksmith shop in the area in the last 30 days that I am lucky enough to get first dibs . Last one I spent every nickel I had and still only scratched the surface of what they had . I really enjoy digging though old shops not touched in 50-80 years . anyways back on topic I currently have 7” iron city 150 lb screw pretty worn and leg chopped short not by me though 7” Indian 150 lb amazing condition 6 1/2” Columbian 130 lb needs new rivets as it’s come loose 6” Peter Wright 100 lb screw box has all writing legible and the crest jn the center - in amazing shape 6”iron city 100 lb - got at last shop in Lodi and is the first one I’ve ever seen without chamfers on the legs and the dual arm bench mount . Is this a newer version ? Doesn’t lok forge welded 6 “ unknown manufacturer 110 lb some wear in sweet spot of threads but I’m good shape still 6” Indian 100 lb in great condition and crest somewhat legible but suffered at had pitting on brace supporting arm 5 3/4” Peter Wright 90 lb In even better condition than the 6” 5 3/8 iron city 80 lb with chamfered legs in great condition but I need to reassemble it just got done going through electrolysis bath 5 1/4” iron city 70 lb with chamfered legs pretty Much unused in amazing condition 5” unknown manufacturer has 62 1/2 stamped on jaw and some lettering but no one has been able to identify it yet 5” newer drop forged columbian 35 lb only keeping cause it’s xxxx near perfect condition 4 1/2” iron city 45 lb just got this one man was the screw stuck on this one so bad I had the whole thing cherry red and the force needed to break lose cracked the screw so I had to weld it back - currently is electrolysis bath 4 1/2” frankin vise . Don’t know weather I should order some acme thread and a nut and make a screw and screw box or fabricate the oversized one it come with that’s obviously not not meant for it 4” Trenton 35 lb I traded a banch vise Thad was in mint condition for among trent ones i've sold in last 6 months 5 3/4” columbian P5 3/4” Trenton 4 1/2 “ columbian 41/2” iron city 5” columbian 4 1/2” arthor O’Leary also so I have a 6” columbian bench vise I’m restoring model 506-2 and had new jaw inserts made for it - picked up for 50$ model 4041/2 swivel jaw and base reed vise only negative is the swivel base was cracked in half but I welded it back together Actually just picked up another one of them the base is tore up actually it welded the top to the base but the rest of it seems pretty good and intact I have a prentiss bench vice but I don’t know the model number and have had a hell of a time trying to clean up the cast-iron is so full of purities so I have to use an order nasty cast from Vulcan . But it has a pretty cool swivel locking mechanism Unlike anything I’ve seen does anybody have any insight I also have a couple anvils 172 hay budden i fallowed anvil mag way of fixing the edges and am waiting for my buddy to have room in the shop to put it on the surface grinder and get everything nice and clean and done as far as the edges and table or let me know if I need to fill more 120 lb columbian 110 lb columbian It’s amazing how 10 pounds softener and they ring it completely differently I must admit 110 pound one is annoying high pitch ring I have all parts to post vises some are not done being cleaned up /restored
  3. Just trying to find some info about my recent addition to my shop. I have, im guessing a 5 in but it measures 5 1/2 in Iron city post vise. Just spent 5 hours today cleaning, lubing, and restoring it today. During the process i found it had iron city in a star on the leg along with on the solid screw box it had the number 3 pressed in it. Was hoping to learn any info i could about what that three means and whos the maker of this post vise. Thank you all for any info! Here are some before and after etc. Photos to help understand what im refering too. Thanks again for any info!
  4. So i fell In love with post vises about five months ago when I bought my first one.And only a month and a half before that I had gone into bench vices and started collecting them yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah who is you and only a month and a half before that I had gone into bench vices and started collecting them But found price is extremely high and got competition that just so I came across my first post face covered and grime and dirt having no idea what I just got or even knowing whether to what to look for about my first one which was a 5 1/2 inch Colombian in what I now know to be in immaculate condition soon after another And another it seems like every time I’d sell some stuff for make some money from yard art or selling welding cylinders all of a sudden a couple great deals or come back to back and instead of buying a plasma cutter come home with 4 vices . . My wife is the patient woman thank God and enjoys long road trips so she was half thinking I’m crazy but enjoying it just as much as I do cleaning them up finding out who made them doing the research and just Finding imperfections and how to fix them how to do this and going on a long road trips for it is something I haven’t done for the last two years since getting out of the army but this got me out of the house so she was happy to tagalong I have now in the last 4 1/2 -5 months owned over 22 post vises -I’ll drive anywhere with in 150 miles to buy one at the right price but on that note every single one that I sold for what I got it for or maybe plus gas that I spent getting it so no way have I try to take away good deals just to make a profit I’ve sold three I regret the hell out of now I have repaired over 10 ,4 where my own in the six other people Who came to buy bench vices for me I asked if I would restore for them they’re ols ll post vices . So I currently believe still have 10 ranging from 5 inch to 7 inch and one 3 1/2 inch one that I traded a bench vice for and is it in just about brand new condition 5” iron city 5 1/4” mystery 5 3/4” 1905 trenton owned by Yosemite valley rail road that started in 1908 and ran from Yosemite to Merced - I bought in Merced and it wasn’t until I brought it home and cleaned it up real good that I discovered the stamps yvrr 5 3/4” Peter Wright with all the lettering on the screw box legible and clear as well as you can see part of the insignia in the middle which according my research means it was not sent to America but Canada or Australia 6” Peter Wright Lettering not quite as clean as the first one but the insignia more visible but all Peter right solid box is readable 6” Indian with part of Indian chief readable as well as part of the head 6.5” columbian Went up to buy in Chico right after the fires and ended up staying three days to help out.Mounting plate is a little beat up but the only real bad part about this one was that the rivets that held the bracket for the moving jaw I need re-riveting and I’ll have to look into how to do this because they’re very very loose 7” Indian amazing conditions chief Indian 150 clearly stamped into the jaw as well as part of the Chiefs head with 19 in the background 7” iron city I ended up driving right back the next day pass for Syd to Fresno to pick this one up because the price was too good to pass up it is in fair condition the screw didn’t have a ton of life left in it and some one used the welded with with for this battery I was all over it but it still in the leg is been cut short but it’s still amazing find So that’s a little back history on my post vise love I have one I have yet to a Identify The one in the second to last picture if you could help me in anyway shape or form that be awesome it I’ll post some more pictures of it tomorrow it has 62 1/2 stamped on the jaw and some letters that I haven’t fully made out And what looks like a cigar pipe on the mount the bracket for the moving jaw
  5. Scored big with this one. The pic is at a bad angle but it is a full 7" vise. It has a oiled gold patina from the anti rust coating they use to put on them. This thing is gorges. Its a #140 7" vise it makes my #125 6" look tiny. Honestly I cant believe I found a 7" vise let alone an indian chief. It show so little sign of use I am shocked. What are your thoughts on value and rarity? I picked up 7" 6" 5 3/4 vises 2 champ 10" 400 blowers and a champ 8" blower. Cost me $900.
  6. Good morning all, I am new to this forum and am really excited to get going on here. Seems to be a wealth of knowledge on this forum. I have done some searching by reading through quite a few pages of posts and can’t quite to seem to find an answer. I read another post where someone has a similar one to mine but seems to be a generic vise and another post where a gentleman has one exactly like mine but he does not know the maker either, so this may be a lost cause but figured I would try anyways. Yesterday I bought two vises from an estate sale outside of the Atlanta GA area, one is marked(Iron City) the other is not. Was wondering if anyone had any insight as to who the maker is. It weighs 68lbs, the jaws are 5 1/4” wide. The only marks seem to be 4 little divots on the mounting plate body under the screw box.
  7. Well I picked up my first post vise today. I found it at an antique store in Comfort, TX. It’s a 4” Peter Wright post vise. I think for $160 I got a pretty sweet deal. It’s in amazing condition. Now just to browse for a decent way to mount this sucker.
  8. Hi. my name is Pedro. i from Brazil. this is my first topic here. sorry about my poor english but i'm trying do my best with a google translation help hehe Recently i started to building my workshop and this weekend i found and bought a 4"1/2 leg vise that was covered by a lot of paint. so i cleaned it up and i descovered thar the jaws of my leg vise have so much rust that make holes on the steel. i want to know how can i possible repair this rust holes. the good news is that everything is aligned and there is no cracking or seriously damage to be concerned , so i am thinking to grind what i can and fill this holes with a 7018 stick welder i don't know if this is necessary but i want try to maintain the original appearance without this horrible rust holes BUT i readed that the body is made by wrought iron and the jaws is made by hardened steel so i'm afraid of put to much heat on the jaws with a sick welder and damage my vise. has anyone here that had the same experience as me? how did you do to repair that rust damage? this is the pictures of my poor rusted vise. this oranges spots is ink that i couldn't remove because of rust holes on it
  9. I've started a small collection of post vises ,and would like to know if there's a book on post vises similar to the Anvils In America Mr Postman has written. I would love to see a compilation of the known makers and pictures of the various types of post vises. If anyone knows of this book please let me know. Thanks for any info on this subject.
  10. I finally got a post vise!! I have been using my bench vise and trying to be gentle with it as I know they are not meant for the abuse. But every once in a while you get carried away and take a few swings at the hot item in the vise. But this weekend I scored this little beauty, the guy was asking $125 (the cheapest I have seen on the oly-pen) and I didn't hesitate to pull out my anvil cash stash to seal the deal, opens and closes very smooth, everything is solid and tight, only one little chip out of one of the jaws. Not sure make, age etc. The only mark I found is the 2 under the mounting bracket. Any help on age manufacturer etc would be appreciated. Thanks guys! I can't wait to weld up a stand for this little guy and put him to work
  11. First, I have acquired four post vises. I only need one I think. three are complete. All have springs. I need to know what type of metal I should use to forge a key and keeper pins and should I leave them soft or harden? Also, what is a fair price for post vises in good shape?
  12. Hello all, I just thought I'd share what I was able to pick up from a smithy near Detroit today. As far as I can tell it is in amazing shape, has all the parts, and is ready for me to start using it. From browsing craigslist and eBay this is the best condition screw I have seen for sale. The jaws also meet nearly perfectly square. Post pics of ya'lls screws if you have nice ones. I'm sick and tired of seeing worn out looking ones in posts on eBay and the such. Brent
  13. So I have the option of picking this guy up for about 50 bucks and two hours of driving. It clearly doesn't have a spring or a mounting bracket, but am I correct in thinking that those are two parts that are relatively easy to re-manufacture? I quite like the design and the screw is reportedly in good condition.
  14. Looking for advise for restoring a post leg vise, wire brush, soak in vinegar and put back together and place linseed oil on it ???
  15. Broadus

    Mismatched vise

    This is my first post to this forum and my brother and I are just getting into blacksmithing. I built a brake drum forge, have an anvil on loan and am starting to collect the tools I will need. We're looking forward to going to the SOFA convention this week. I picked up a post vise with 4” jaws the other day at a swap meet for $40. After I bought it I realized that the screw box wasn’t fitting right after closer inspection I believe that the box seems to have come from a different vise. It will open about 1-1/2” before the screw comes unthreaded. I did some post vise research and this problem seems very uncommon, I did find one vise with the same problem but it fits better than mine. '?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent>> My vise is similar to this one: http://www.practicalmachinist.com/vb/antique-machinery-history/nice-post-vise-225241/ which makes me think the box is from the same style of vise, but from a larger model. The only other things missing are the washers, but those seem easy to replace. So what I’m wondering is: Can it be fixed so that the box does fit the vise? Or are there any chances of finding a smaller box without the vise? (Or a bigger vise without a box?)
  16. 1_2_3

    Wrought vise

    Quite old wrought vise. Big parts are welded from several pieces of metal. Origin: Mykolaiv region, Ukraine.
  17. picker

    My post vise

    This was my post vise- dated 1896. 8" face. A few dings, but worked as good as it did when new.
  18. I just acquired this vise from a friend that was tired of watching it rust at his place. I was initially intrigued by the profile of the jaws, (Farrier's vise?) and after cleaning it up a bit found several names. On the front of the vise jaw was MILLS, underneath and vertically was MOxxxANIA, NEW YORK, and under that horizontally the number 54. On the fixed leg was stamped SMITH & OSSO, BIRMINGHAM and maybe C. after. The screw is temporarily without a handle. The box was different from any of the others I have in that there are 2 of the "no twist" rails cast opposite each other and they both key into a slot at 12 and 6 o'clock in the vise. My guess is it was made by Smith & OSSO at one of the Birminghams, sold or distributed by Mills in New York. Please see the pic's. Any info about any of the names or companies would be appreciated. It was picked up near Bandera, TX about 30 years ago. Incidentally, the jaws are 4-5/8" and it stands 42" OA.
  19. Like most smiths on here, I am always on the lookout for a nice big postvise. I have a few of the average 4"-5" jaw ones around that I use all the time, but a monster vise has alluded me all together. Unfortunately, my luck continues. I haven't found a big one, but I might have found the smallest? -Derek
  20. I want to start by saying that most of what I'm about to post has already been posted in another thread. I just wanted to add my own idea's to it, or take multiple ideas and put them together. To see where I got a lot of my ideas see the original post on how to "Build Your Own Leg Vise" So my take on this is simple. This vise doesn't require a spring as it opens with the screw and due to the design of the vise, the vise face is always parallel to one another. It still allows you to build interchangeable faces for different applications and allows the bottom to be either mounted to a plate and onto a base or to have a "quick mount" like the one suggested on the "Vertical Vise". Also, I have the "required parts" list comprised of things that most scrappers come by very easily. For the record, what I have drawn (since you can't tell from the drawing) the back "upright" section of the vise itself would be made from either 3" or 4" I-beam. The L shaped vise face arm would be made of 1 1/2" solid square stock or 2" square tubing. I know that the tubing might flex a bit, but for MOST of us, I really don't think the amount of flex you might get would be problematic. Its a bit of a crude drawing, but instead of a hinge at the bottom it uses casters. the caster on the back of the vise supports the weight of the face as it expands and helps keep it even. The caster on the front of the vise supports the weight as well as acts as a bearing for which the guide to roll on. Harbor Freight sells these cast iron casters for between $3 and $7 depending on size The screw seemed to me at first like the most complicated part of a vise build. There again, the question of easy availability was answered in the Build Your Own Leg Vise post. The answer for me, was an old threaded barbell. You can buy them at almost every thrift store around for a couple dollars or you can get one new from Wally World for around $20. The advantage, however much you spend, you get 2 screws, AND 2 nuts. You'll see on my vise that I use 2 nuts on the design but you don't have to. You could just as easily use a washer or something welded to the screw to open the vise up and just use the 1 nut on the back. You'll also need a washer or something welded to the end of the screw to prevent it from coming completely out. My idea for the "hand wheel" was to use a little 10lb weight, or make one. Whichever you consider easiest. You could also just use a bar if that's more your style. If you were really ambitious you could also make this a double screw vise like the Fisher, by using a 1" bore sprocket with an appropriate chain. Most bike sprockets are 7/8" so it wouldn't take much to center them and re-drill them where you could use regular old bicycle chain. "Parts List" 4 foot of 3" or 4" I-Beam Since the passthrough of the face can be anywhere along the length of the vise, I would say enough 1 1/2" Solid Square or 2" square tube to make the bend and pass through and extend 1" past the back caster when the vise is fully opened. An acme screw and nut 2 Rigid Casters The rest is scrap bits here and there, and you just sort of put it together. Heres an image of the basic drawing of "The Vertical Vise" A lot of people will say this would cost more to make than it is worth. And you'd be right. Just recently I picked up a 5" post vise for $25. However, I have been looking for a while and really didn't have much to spend. In the time I had been looking I was able to come up with the materials to make this vise. Now that I have a post vise I will probably re-purpose the tubing and I-Beam to make anvil stands. Later on I might build a double screw version of this vise with big beefy jaws just to have one. But my point is this. Sometimes you can't find the tool but you might have enough of this sitting around to put one together. Or a blacksmith teaching someone else might not have a vise for them to use all the time but may have enough scrap iron to build something like mine or like the vertical vise. If you want to build something, build it. Its about using what you have, and having fun with it.
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