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  1. This is my gas forge. When i started sevenish years ago, this forum taught me anything i needed to know. Thanks a bunch everyone. I have now finished my newest forge. Hopefully it lasts. Roughly 1 1/2" thick cast with 1" wool wrap for added measure. Measures 10" wide on the floor by 8 " tall by 14" deep. I made the ribbon burner as many others have. With my 27 hole (i beleive) at 5/16", it has a 2" opening in which the air and fuel are stuffed. The gas orifice is 1/16". I have yet to fully bring it up to temp.
  2. I was recently given an older and very used Johnson Gas Forge. See pictures. I don’t have access to natural gas. Is it possible to safely convert it to propane? This is all very new to me. I have tinkered around with a homemade coal forge but know nothing about the workings and mechanics of gas forges. Any help and advice would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Hi , let me start saying my english may not be good enough , so let me know if something is not clear . I been forging with my charcoal forge for half a year now , but wanted les time consuming , so i'm starting my first gas forge build. Resources are not really available in Argentina , so I been doing some research and trying to pull out some design that may work with what I have. First gas . Propane is too expensive here so , it has to be methane. People here use bottled methane for their gas forges , and works pretty well but a 10kg bottle is a bit out of my budget so i'm go
  4. So I have an idea for a forge. I have a 400,000 BTU natural gas heater for my pool that had the heat exchange develop a leak. I rarely use it so it is not worth fixing it. It has a ¾ inch natural gas supply and the heat ex changer is stainless steel. It has a blower unit for the flame, and there is a “flame tube” in the assembly drawing. (item 11), I am thinking of making it into a forge. Take the front plastic panel off, but keep the rest to keep it weather tight. I will make the front panel so I can take it off to use the forge, but drop it back in to keep it weat
  5. Hey All, I've done a bit of reading into electrolysis and gassifiers for a more cost effective way to forge. Since the main cost of running a forge is the fuel I'm trying to cut down on that, especially being on a limited income. From my relatively limited research I've concluded that a gassifier is much more practical and most-likely safer then electrolysis, however there may be some potential to automate fuel production with electrolysis that a gassifier doesn't have the feasibility of doing. I really like the idea of hooking my forge up to a water line and never having to go out for pr
  6. I am looking for itc-100 and cant find any. I have a gas forge that barely gets to welding heat and i would like to get it hotter so i can forge weld better, I live in new Cealand and cant find a place that either sells in new Zealand or ships to new Zealand I don't mind buying from overseas. i am aware that there probably aren't many people who are open right now because of Covid-19 but am looking for someone to buy from after normal life resumes. thanks!
  7. Need some help troubleshooting. The burner I made is basically a carbon copy of this one here. I used a .035” welding tip, and from the brass I connected a 10ft propane hose rated for home use I believe, and from there I have a hose to connect to my 5 gallon propane tank. Is this a pressure issue? Is my regulator not giving enough propane or is this an air intake issue? It sputters and doesn’t roar like the others I’ve seen. IMG_0604.MOV IMG_0605.MOV
  8. I finally started building my forge. After much reading, some kind advice from this forum and a fair amount of tinkering and some testing in a brick pile. I built a burner i was happy with. It is a 2800F fire brick in a plenum with a Frosty 3/4 T burner for the injector. The brick was drilled with 1/8 holes on a 1/2 inch pattern . I started with a 12" air tank I posted some pictures ion the burner in the NARB section when i built the test burner. But here are a couple of pictures of the burner. I plan on having 2 burners and having a removable partition in the cent
  9. Just fired it up for the first time. Noticed burner getting hot may need to insulate port better. Only one burner of two on and barely gased.
  10. G'day, I recently bought my self a pro forge 200 and have run into a bunch of troubles with it, first thing was it had no lining on the door, and once I got that sorted it started falling apart, and it's only been used 10 or so times. I'm hoping the supplier will refund me. Question is does anyone have any recommendations for a new forge? I need it for forge welding large pieces of steel and horseshoes, making horseshoes, and hot shoeing. Thanks in advance.
  11. Hi all; I'm new to "I Forge Iron". Currently i'm setting up a hobby smithy in my shed. I recently purchased a gas forge and now i'm looking into how to get the propane. So my question is this. If you have your own forge, how did you go about setting up your propane needs?
  12. I need some opinions. I have finished the shell of my new forge and will soon be starting to fill it with the insulation. I know its over kill but I'm using 2''Kao Wool with hardener to help support the 2'' ITC 100 HT. The outside dimensions are 14L x 13W x 13H. The final inside dimensions will be 14x5x5 350ci total for a 3/4'' single burner Ron Reil design (might change to a ''Mikey burner'' if I can get the time to go ta a buddy's machine shop to build it). I have been thinking of casting the flare cone into the refractory instead of a standard hole for it to fit down in. I'm thinking the mi
  13. I give you my Ugly Metal Box. I know its ugly. I have never welded anything other than a few pieces of scrap to get used to the process. This is literally my first time welding, cutting metal (both sheet and angle), using a drill press or a tap. But it is solid and I promise it will not be lit without testing all the gas fittings. All or the parts for the box are salvaged from around my property as were most of the fittings for the burners. And the fire brick was gifted from a friend who had ordered too many while building a kiln. I wanted to share it because even without having att
  14. Hello,I'm planning on redoing the insulation in my forge (a 20 pound propane tank with a single venturi burner)I'm planning on using ceramic fiber which I understand can be tricky to work with. My questions *Will sealing the blanket with refractory cement (meeco 610) keep fibers from being blown around and offer enough support to keep the lining from collapsing *Is a 2 inch thick sheet over kill for a relatively small forge *Do I need some sort of ridgidizer for the blanket * What kind of resporator do I need to work with the blanket.
  15. Hi guys I'm looking at building my own gas forge and I'm planning on using a small sized helium tank as my forge body. Seeing that I only need an opening of 7-8inches wide and 5inches tall (aprox) I'm wondering what I can use as a filler between the sides of the tank and the ceramic blanket I plan on buying. It would be too expensive to go ceramic blanket the entire way so I'm wondering what, if anything would be a good material to use to build up the sides to my desired size. Would a plaster of paris & sand mixture be acceptable? Any imput is really appreciated! Thanks
  16. I have recently built a Frosty Tee Burner for a gas forge of mine. Is it absolutely imperative to have a regulator attaching to the propane tank? There is already a valve on the burner. If I do absolutely need one, can someone point me to where I could get a cheap and good one? Thanks, Jacob
  17. I found this site a couple weeks ago while searching metal art images. Having acquired a few related tools already, I decided to try making a forge and see where this takes me. The body is 12" casing, the ends from an old water heater, various pieces from the scrap barrel. The insulation material is in and I still need to rigidize and coat it. The plan is to place one K-26 firebrick (possibly coated?) as a replaceable interior base. The brick will end up at the height of the end cut outs. The burner is slotted 3/4" iron pipe with .030 mig tip for orifice. I haven't tried a ch
  18. So there's a lot of talk about building burners and which design is better, but not so much about the box you put the burner in. To me, the box in the more important part. No matter how efficient your burner is, it is the box that will largely determine how hot the forge gets, how quickly you can get to work, how long you wait for heats, and how scaly your metal gets. Here are some of the things I want in a gas forge, and why I want them (Your desires may be different, and you'd want a different design. The design I'll show is not the one I'd build for example if I were a knife maker or
  19. Hi Everyone, Looking to buy my first gas forge. Making my own forge is just not something I want to take on at this time. I am planning on making knives. I was initially looking pretty hard at the Diamondback Ironworks Single Burner Knifemakers forge. I then came across Gizmo's Fabrications St. Helen's Inferno Forge. This particular forge has some options to choose from. One of which is burner placement. You can have it vertically or horizontally. In doing some research on this site, I found discussions on burners mounted vertically or on an angle (both of which still has the flam
  20. Here's my gas forge build its made of a 40 dollar air compressor tank. Has two mikey style burners which the kind folks on here have help me improve, and 2 inches of kaowool with rigidzer and refactory. Its inside deminsions are 18 in length 7 inchs wide and tall. I had to order some more refractory and will be finishing shortly.
  21. Hi Guys Finally got around to finishing up my new gas forge. More of a Blue flame coming from the mouth of the forge. Does this look right??
  22. Hi, this is my first post here. First of all, thank you for an impressive amount of information. I have been reading through most of the pinned threads here and am deligted to find so much good information. For those of you who don't care to read a long post, please skip to the text in bold below. This is what I really want to get input on. I have started a rather slow process of getting started with blacksmithing. I am not in a rush as it is winter and I am yet to build a new workshop since we moved. Most things are clear to me by now, but getting the materials is
  23. Good afternoon. First I would like to say thank you for your time also that I am quite new to this website. I have indeed read over many many forums or blogs on here. Aside from all my blacksmithing books, I find this website really informative, educational and also entertaining. I started collecting materials so I can do some smithing in my spare. In which fluctuates throughout the year. I'm pretty sure I can build this new forge I have in mind. I am just looking for more experienced advice and criticism from some of the Pro's around this website. So if anyone has any input it would be apprec
  24. I'm making my first gas forge and I'm having trouble finding some of the supplies. My first question is what material should I use for the burner bracket? I've tried looking around but I couldn't find anything about what to make it out of. I'm also going to be building Frosty's T Burner and I'm having a hard time finding the black iron nipple pipe. Any ideas what stores or type of stores to look at for the black iron parts? Thanks in advance.
  25. How would yall insulate this forge? 1 or 2 x 3/4" burners? •12"L x 6"W x 6"T inside finished demensions • sliding front door (up and down) fire brick for pass threw on back •covered in 1/8" mild steel with 1/4" wrap around mild steel for sliding work into and out of forge and storage on side • expanded metal shelf underneath • hanging rack on one side for tools This is my first forge and there are so many different ways to insulate it I wanted to know how yall would do it? I' looking to be able to get to forge welding temps for damascus work one day. Also
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