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  1. By - Jeremy Knippel 12/27/2017 This will show the steps of how I forged a golf club bottle opener. Of course more details could have been done on this, but it's only ment to have a resemblance of a golf club. Again, this is more of the "process of forging" information I'm posting. Step 1 - Isolate 7/8" of 1/2"x1/2 square bar on 2 sides and start to taper away from end. Step 2 - Square taper back further for the shaft of the club. Step - 3 Round off the square taper and forge the lump on the end on the diamond, so as to get a wider shape and forge to an offset tapered wedge. This is the end view of the offset wedge shape for the head of the club. Step - 4 File the head to shape and chisel in some groves on the face of the head. Step - 5 Bend the head to the desired angle/pitch to the shaft. End view of the head bent to shape. Another view. Step - 6 forge a step down to approximately 1/4" thick and punch for the start of the hole for the opener. I also slightly chiseled in a mark that the bar will get cut off at with a curved chisel. Step - 7 Cut the remaining excess material off. Step - 8 Drift the slot to round. Step - 9 Using the horn on the anvil forge the ring to desire size and shape. Using a flat ended round punch, I set in the bottle cap tab. Side view. The finished golf club bottle opener.
  2. Hello all, Had a couple of firsts today. I actual punched out a plug! Never actual had that work out for me. Also I was able to drift out a decent size hole.
  3. The first try was a disaster but managed OK second time. This was a hard steel wheel stud from a Mack truck. I don't know what grade of steel it is but it was hard. My first try at making a bottle opener from one of these ... well, the picture tells all. I guess I was impatient and let it cool too much while drifting the hole. I made sure second time it was yellow heat and drifted the hole slowly. I have found that mechanics like bottle openers made out of stuff like this. (P.S. _ I tried to post this in the bottle opener thread but the program wouldn't allow it)
  4. rthibeau

    Dale's Rebar Bottle Opener

    even Dale could use one of these.
  5. rthibeau

    Dale's Rebar Bottle Opener

    A tool made from rebar that even Chopper Dale could use.
  6. rthibeau


    always need multiple use tools
  7. Bottle opener with cut twists Split crosses with wood grain and brass finish
  8. I homebrew. I am a blacksmith. This project was bound to happen. Forged from 1/4" mild steel, here is my stab at the bottle opener idea. The fly press tooling punches out a 1/4" slug in one heat. I need to build tooling for the taper and then I'll post more.
  9. Hey guys, after a longer time am back with an new project. Its my first corkscrew that i´ve ever made. Before i start, its necessary to say that i am just an amateur fan blacksmith, but i need to hear critique from you guys. Even if it will be negative, i need to hear it. Critique can improve my self-access to do things better. (grammar like a boss :-D). I made it for an old guy living in my village that gave me 100 kg coal for free. Cockscrew is made from two different type of steel. Handle is forged from piece of steel that been used as reinforcement of truck bumper (Skoda Liaz). Screw is made from car spring (bmw 7). After i´ve finished the handle, i drilled it over and sticked the screw into. Welded from other side, clened up with angle grinder and again placed into a forge. For finishing, i used an polishing paste and drill with polishing extension. I hope you´ll like it. Viktor
  10. Well, I finally got time to play around with my little forge and try out a couple of things. I recently finished up a press break to put bends in angle iron to make some furniture legs that I have had on my list for quite awhile. There may be a faster easier way to do this, but this is what was in my head. I had to do a little persuading at the second bend, as the metal flared outwards a bit, but I am relatively happy with it. I need to do a little more tweaking on the break, since the channel I used was not quite up to snuff for the 20 ton press. In fact, I need to do some tweaking on the press too, but that's what I get for using a Harbor Freight press. The rectangular tubing I just heated up and put in the press, I was hoping for a more uniform "bulge" more gradual, but I went a little too far. Also, one side bulged in and the other 3 sides went out. I will have to experiment with making sure they all go outwards. The last is a bottle opener from a 16 mm wrench. I had to push it a little out of round to make it work, since I made the circle a bit too big. All in all a good learning experience.

    Bottle Opener

    Another Angry Opener.

    © Angry Anvil Forge


    Bottle Opener

    Angry Opener I made for a friend

    © Angry Anvil Forge

  13. Jim Poulmas

    jpoulmas bottle opener

    This is a tool a use quite often.
  14. Here are a couple Bottle openers I made and some pictures of the process. 1) Cut a piece of your selected bar stock 7 ½” long 2) Upset on end until length is about 7 ¼” long let cool Mark piece ¾” and 1” from upset end and make 1/8” cuts with a hacksaw connecting around the four sides of the bar stock 3) Draw out 1 ¾” of the opposite end of your piece 4 sided taper but run the last 3/8” out very flat about 1/8” thick down to a point . it will be a short stocky looking draw out until total length is 8 ¾” 4)Start curling the last ½” back over the bar stock. You want a ¼” coming back over with a ¼” gap between the tip and the stock. 5)Next heat the upset end until white hot. Use a vice, sized open end wrench and adjustable wrench to twist the end. Twist the farthest cut from the upset end, go past 3/8 twist then come back to 1/4 turn. Use your open end wrench to hold the piece between your cuts, using an adjustable wrench return the upset butt end back to the orientation of the rest of your opener. 6)Now you add your design on the handle of you opener. Personally I like to hot stamp patterns, use a 1/2” bar, or spring fuller to make indentations on the corners every ¾” and then stamp on the flat side of the stock.*Note*You can make stamps the same way you make other tools high carbon steel heat up and air cool use files saws, dremal,,,,ect to make your design and then temper. In the picture a some of my stamps. 7)Next put some curve in your opener using a hardy bending tool so you don’t mess up your stamp work. *Note*If you curve it first it will straighten back out as you stamp 8)Remove from vice, brush of scale, and finish with antirust of your choice. Forge on my Friends!!!! David C.Kailey MorganJade Ironworks, Spokane, Wa
  15. Sheltowee

    bottle openers

    A few fathers day gifts for friends fathers
  16. Step 1, I think Lyle is using approximately 3/4x1/4 stock here.
  17. Tried this twist for the first time on this bottle opener. Through extensive research and development I can say it works flawlessly.
  18. I'd love some feed back on this video i just put out. It's intended to demonstrate how to make the worm of a corkscrew.
  19. This is a cement trowel bottle opener I made for the guy who helped me make my brick forge.
  20. manfromthewoods


    First time forging anything.
  21. manfromthewoods


    First time forging anything.
  22. This is only like my second post, and I just figured out how to upload pics. That took a while. Anyway this is my take on the bottle openers, I've been playing this this design for a couple of months now and am just now getting something that I like and can duplicate easily. Please tell me what you think. http://www.iforgeiron.com/gallery/image/37314-bottle-opener-fattire/ http://www.iforgeiron.com/gallery/image/37313-bottle-opener-front/
  23. Hello, I just finished a bottle opener in damascus. Thought I would share it. I am satisfied with how it turned out. Going to give it to a friend tomorrow when we are going to a beer festival here in Stockholm.
  24. A party waiting to happen.
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