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Found 54 results

  1. Found this vise among the tools I recently inherited. Finding this beauty made me very happy
  2. Lionel h

    Double vise stand

    I've just about finished with this new toy , just needs a little paint . Two of my cloumbia vises.
  3. Gorō

    Blacksmith leg vise

    G'day looking on eBay for anything that is useful and came across some blacksmith leg vises. Found a very nice blacksmith leg vise with no rust and 5' jaws, the seller has told me jaws close but will not open. I've been told it's the screw/bolt or thread box? Cheers
  4. Gorō

    Vise identification

    G"day found this vise on eBay for $50. What do you guys think? I don't have a vise because I'm still setting up my shop. I was wondering if this vise would be ok to use or am I better off just spending abit more on something brand new???
  5. I have an old stand vise that opens up to 7 1/2- 8" and is 41" high with 4 1/2" jaws. It looks like a Hayes but no markings on it that I can tell. Would anyone out there know the make of this? Any help would be appreciated.
  6. I found this USA made columbian leg vise at a garage sale. I paid 25 CDN$ for it and it functions beautifully. A little bit of wear on the jaws but that aside I'm looking forward to cleaning it up and mounting it in my shop!
  7. I finally got a post vise!! I have been using my bench vise and trying to be gentle with it as I know they are not meant for the abuse. But every once in a while you get carried away and take a few swings at the hot item in the vise. But this weekend I scored this little beauty, the guy was asking $125 (the cheapest I have seen on the oly-pen) and I didn't hesitate to pull out my anvil cash stash to seal the deal, opens and closes very smooth, everything is solid and tight, only one little chip out of one of the jaws. Not sure make, age etc. The only mark I found is the 2 under the mounting bracket. Any help on age manufacturer etc would be appreciated. Thanks guys! I can't wait to weld up a stand for this little guy and put him to work
  8. Hello all, I just thought I'd share what I was able to pick up from a smithy near Detroit today. As far as I can tell it is in amazing shape, has all the parts, and is ready for me to start using it. From browsing craigslist and eBay this is the best condition screw I have seen for sale. The jaws also meet nearly perfectly square. Post pics of ya'lls screws if you have nice ones. I'm sick and tired of seeing worn out looking ones in posts on eBay and the such. Brent
  9. BryanL

    My latest pickup

    Hey folks! Just joined the site and wanted to share my recent pickup. It says "The Columbian. Vise & MFG Co. Cleveland, USA" I was pretty pumped with how heavy it was, smooth action, just need to loosen the swivel.
  10. While out looking for smithing tools I happened upon this post vise (no pictures) I saw just out of the corner of my eye and rushed over because I was so excited about having found something blacksmithing related that I didn't notice anything else. While looking it over I saw something else in my peripherals. I don't know how I didn't trip on it but in my excitement I just past it by. A nice 100 lb Swedish (according to the tag) anvil for only $475 and on the floor next to it a smaller I am guessing about 40 lbs for $75. The large one had nice edges and no noticeable robots in the face. The smaller one was a cast iron judging by the pitting on it. I didn't jump on them because they were out of my budget but figured someone else might. Oh and the vise I mentioned was a small 4" jawed one with mounting plate and spring intact for $90. Address for anyone that wants it - 345 N US Hwy 27 #10, Somerset, ky
  11. We have an OLD American Scale Company Vise that we can't find anywhere for the year and worth. It has 8" Jaws and opens 14", pictures attached. Any information you can provide would be great. Thumbs.db
  12. works. jaws worn out. coil spring, not OEM leaf, acme threads in good shape, table plate mount is missing located in Eugene, Oregon kevinhornbuckle at gmail
  13. SAH

    Vise repair

    I have a leg vise, I'll post pics I'm going to fix the (screw box)? just can't find any pics on how it should be placed or mounted I have a couple others but there not like this one and does it look like there needs to be anything else I'm missing .thx
  14. JTF

    Vice 6 & A Quarter inch 015

    newly mounted 6" against the little 4" .
  15. Hello, A friend gave me this vise yesterday and I can't find any identifying marks on it. The vise is 20 inches in overall length, with 5" jaws (with fine diagonal serrations). Any ideas on who made it? Thanks for your help!
  16. I recently acquired a fisher #4 vise(6-1/4" jaws, 120lbs) and built a new home for it. I used 3/4" thick plate for the top and bottom, 12x12 & 12x18, the legs are 3x4x1/4" tube filled with sand, all that comes to about 230lbs and right about 350lbs with the vise. Cutting the legs on the Grizz. "Milling" 1/2" Holes Marking holes for the top plate. This is my first big welding project(big for me anyway) my little mig is a little under powered so I did 3 passes, seemed to hold up well and I didn't think my welds were too terrible. "Mind the puddle not the spark" is what I had to keep telling myself. I would have used the stick welder but I have to get a new cord for it. Just over 50lbs of sand. The paint is a walnut color, it was still a bit wet and in the sunlight its more brown but in the shop its a nice dark brown not quite black, goes well with the old tools. The leg had a crappy plate welded to it already so I made a better one. Though I was too much of a noob to remember when I drilled all the holes, these were supposed to line up with threaded holes in the base but I accidently drilled them 1/2" instead of 27/64". These pins hold it really well since there was a lot of down force on the leg anyway after bolting the vise to the top plate. HEAVY and ready to anchor to the floor! There are 3 holes to use for anchoring, 2 in front and 1 you cant see that is in between the 2 back legs. I wanted a stand that would protect the screws as well, this seems to work.
  17. Here is a bench vise that I acquired awhile ago. No name is visible anywhere. The "U" ( slide/guide) is 1-1/2" round stock and 3-5/8" on center. The jaws are 5-1/2" wide - corners are in bad shape When full open the gap between the jaws is 7-1/2" This vise works very smoothly during the opening and closing and is very stout.
  18. Hi guys, i´ve finally finished my first vise. Its made from 5x5cm and 4,5x4,5cm square slit tubes. Bolt is 20mm wide with 2 nuts welded to the base. Jaws are made from 5mm thick plates welded to 3x4cm rectangle slit tubes. Vise should clamp 17,5cm wide items. Viktor
  19. I recently discovered that my great grandfather was a blacksmith. This led me to discover his old tools in our basement. An anvil (rusty), and old blower (busted), a fire pot (also rusty), and an Indian chief pole vise. I'm interested in putting theses bits of family history to use, I'm just not sure how to go about cleaning off the rust without damaging them. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Also, any ideas on an inexpensive way to build a compact forge using the fire pot I have? I'm thinking steel table maybe? Again thanks. Looking forward to learning this amazing trade.
  20. Quarry Dog

    Drill Press + Pipe Vise

    Found these today.
  21. I'm really needing a real anvil. After using far inferior improvised anvils for a while and using real anvils in my Guild's shop, I am getting the itch to own a real anvil. I plan to ask my guild members if they have or know of any for sale. I am looking for something not to heavy, probably more or less than 100 lbs. I am not able to spend over $300. Ebay and craigslist are unreliable and overpriced. Is this a reasonable budget for an anvil in good condition and In that weight? I thought about buying a new farrier anvil, but they are not really suited for blacksmithing and have all sorts of annoying shapes on them. What are your thoughts?
  22. Hi, this is my first time on the forum and I need help to identify what kind of vise I bought. The jaws are about 3.5 inches wide. At first I thought it was a post vise because of the hole in the bottom, but now after looking at the vises in this forum I am not so sure. Also, was $50 a good price to pay for it?
  23. MobileHomeMiner

    Little Giant

    It's a Little Giant vise that I found in a barn that had no base... so I welded it one from a rail section that I've had for 10 or so years now and some trailer park scrap. The rail section was my first anvil so the face furthest the anvil is reasonably ground from it's original usage. It stands firm on the most uneven of ground due to it's three legged construction and has a hole in each foot so it can be more reliably secured. One of my most valued possessions.
  24. I recently found this vise and have been trying to find information about it online with no luck. It has the Pennsylvania Seal on it with 703 written inside. It also have a swivel base and is very heavy. I'd appreciate any information on it. I'm really interested in finding out about what year the vise is from. Thanks!!!
  25. Hi all, This is a continuation of my previous topic (http://www.iforgeiro...and-work-bench/) since I couldn't find a way to attach pictures in replies, without using another web site like Photobucket. (I prefer not to use Photobucket, because while reading older posts, I was frustrated at times that pictures shared on Photobucket tend to disappear after a while.) In response to Frank Turley, from the previous topic: The legs do have chamfering. Here is a look at the vise legs: They have nice chamfers, and toward the top of the front leg, above the "main" chamfer, there are a couple of semicircular chamfers. Here is a close-up of the writing: I still can't read all of it. The 1st line might say "JWCODASTON???", or "J.WOOD.ASTONAOS", or... any help in deciphering it would be welcome. Thanks & all the best, Markus