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  1. Ok, so the gas company is dropping off a 250 gallon propane tank tomorrow. They've decided to allow a high pressure line off of the tank, so long as I don't pipe it indoors (Luckily, it's right by my shop door and my forge and torch are both also by my shop door. Easy enough to open the doors and set things outside). What kind of pressure do I want on the high pressure side of things, keeping in mind future equipment expansion? I presently have a small 6x12 gas forge, with plans to make larger ones for when needed. I also have a few cutting and heating torches. The tubing from the tank to
  2. I would like to tie 2 or three 100 lb. tanks together. What is the proper/safe way to do this?
  3. Hey all, working on a new burner set up for my forge and am having some issues with the propane plumbing. I used 1/4 inch copper tube and compression fittings to hook it all together to the valve leading to the gas hose. Its all leaking like a sive. What options do I have as to hooking up two burners to the same line? Am I using the wrong fittings? Is there a manifold I can buy that will allow me to have a little play in the placement? Thanks in advance.
  4. Over the time I have been visiting this forge I have seen a lot of people come through and ask about all sorts of designs of forges. Most of the people posting such threads are actually new to using a gas forge and often new to smithing. I have advised many of these newer smiths to first build a brick pile forge, use that a while and then go to something more serious once you figure out how big you will need. So now I wanted to make a definitive post as a guide for these people. The forge will have an internal size of 9" x 4.5" x 6.5", or 263 cubic inches. It is, however, easily reconfigured
  5. Background I've built a break drum forge in my back yard. Currently I'm using metallurgical grade coal I get from a local supplier, I enjoy using coal a lot, but winter is coming, and I can't use it close to the house (girlfriend hates the smell/dust/smoke, sure the neighbors don't appreciate either). I have 2 old standard sized LP tanks, and I wish to make a forge out of one. I've already taken the proper precautions to make the tanks safe to work with. My Questions: I want to use a combination of insulating wool blanket and refractory cement, preferably a castable. How thick should
  6. Greetings all! I am new to this site and have read a lot of the posts, along with a lot of research outside this site. I do have a few questions on my build that I cant seem to find answers too. I have been told that 240-350 cubic inch per one burner. Which number is closer? I don't want to build a "cheap" forge, but I sure don't want to pay an arm and a leg for some thing I might only take up as a hobby. I do have a blower to use on build, but I have recently read that it might be too weak. CFM isn't listed. I want to say its 1550 rpm. Most likely its out of a old furnace. It also says "#1 T
  7. Mike Romo

    Mike Romo Propane Forge

    Homemade propane forge constructed from condemned oxygen cylinder. Length is approx 11". Lined with one inch layers of kaowool x 2. Rebar legs and carry handle.

    © Mike Romo, 2013

  8. I have been using a brick forge with one ¾ inch propane burner for a couple years. (I also have a coal forge for stuff that won’t fit in the propane forge.) The brick forge has generally worked fine and is handy. The only struggle with one burner was when I was hardening a longer knife. I would have to move it back and forth a few times to try and get it all hot at the same time. I might have also struggled to heat a longer bar to do a spiral bend. Anyway, I decided a couple weeks ago to make a second burner for the occasion when I want to be running two burners simultaneously. In the picture
  9. Hello and good day to everyone, Here is a few pictures of the forge that took me over a year to complete. Inside dimensions are, 13" wide, 10" high, 24" deep. Both doors have 4" X 6" openings in them. I am running 2 hybrid 3/4" T-rex burners. There is 3" of thermo blanket (3,000 degree) on the inside coated with ITC100. The bottom is also 3,000 degree rated, but is cast-able refractory. The doors are also lined with cast-able refractory with fire bricks that form the opening, also coated with ITC100. I finally installed a type K thermo coupler in the side (should see it in a few photos).
  10. Hey guys. Teaching myself blacksmithing. I don't have a mentor. I am just reading this forum/books and watching videos. I was hoping someone who has a propane forge similar to the majestic or diamondback model could shoot a quick youtube video of an ideal flame. Does your flame lick out over the top edge of the forge? Does that mean it's too big? I am not certain if I am using too small of a flame or too large. I just assembled the forge and have no real way to confirm it is operating as it should be. I guess it's my anal nature where propane is concerned to be both cautious and over
  11. My charcoal forge doesn't seem to be cutting it, im going to try one more thing to see if it will heat my metal better. but to the point, i am going to need to buy a propane forge and i have two options for this, i just don't know which shape would work better for knives and small art projects. or if you have other options, just my price range is only around 300 and that is slightly pushing it but nothing more. http://www.majesticforge.com/knifemaker_forges_products.html http://www.diamondbackironworks.com/catalog/item/2754775/8423329.htm
  12. I've been working on my first gasser and I would appreciate any advice before I wrap and cast the refractory. What I'm working with: Ceramic Fiber Spun Blanket, Temperature Rating 2300°F - 1" thick Vesuvius Hot Top Moldit Plistix 900f IR 1 inch forge/foundry burner (An 1" wide, 16 1/2" long atmospheric burner 0.45 mig welding tip and sliding choke) An old propane tank Uses: Light foundry work Pattern welding General purpose forging I've got an idea of what I'm doing, and have had a chance to talk to a few local folks to get their opinions before starting the project. I bought the
  13. Author's Note: This thread details a large project as it develops. If you wish to do the same project, I would highly encourage you to read the entire thread first. If you don't, you might find yourself missing lessons learned. So it is time for me to go from pipe oriented blown burners to ribbon burners. I have heard so many good things about their efficiency and heat output that I thought it was time to make the new leap since I am building a new forge anyway (the old one has been too badly damaged by borax). So I will post the build in this thread. I will continue to edit the first po
  14. A big thanks to everyone here and other places who have put out information about their builds and designs. Due to this I've been able to build two successful propane burners and am moving along to completing my first forge. I'm 50 now and have been wanting to do this since I first experienced black smithing at McCormick Jr. High School in Cheyenne Wyoming. Lot's of "reasons" why, why not. No matter. I'm here and it's becoming a reality thanks in a big way to you folks. I'm documenting my forge build here for now: http://redwagonforge.blogspot.com/ Time permitting I'll get some stuff up
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