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Found 65 results

  1. Could the blower end of a small shop-vac (or large if you want) be effectively used as a forge blower?
  2. Hello everyone. My first post. I am a hobbyist metal worker and am setting up my first forge. Almost there now with chimney in, anvil, blower, good vice and coke fueled forge with tue iron. BUT. Having a bit of a nightmare with the tue (at least thats where I presume the problem is). I picked the one that I have up form a mechanic who used to be a blacksmith in his youth. Old thing that needed restoring as it was leaking. Anyway took it all apart pretty painstakingly, sealed it up good, but now having real problems getting enough airflow through to get a good fire going. Initially I thought it was the blower that I had bought which was designed with blacksmithing in mind by an english company, so I sent it back and invested in a much more powerful industrial inflatable bouncy castle blower, made by gibbons ( for stats) but still really struggling to get enough air flow through though it seems plenty strong enough. All air passages seem tight sealed. It seems to come through alright but once the air passage coming out of the front of the tue is slightly blocked by say a little coke there is little air flow coming through, and am having trouble even starting a fire let alone getting it up to good forging temperature. I think the problem is that my tue has an unusually small opening of about 2cm/ 3/4" which can get blocked easily with a piece of coke, and also limits the air flow/pressure. I'm thinking of either making a new one myself or investing in buying a new one with a larger diameter opening. I hope this will provide the solution, but through I would ask for some help first; just in case I'm barking up the wrong tree. The only other thing I would say about the blower, if that is the problem, is that my previous one with less puff also would easily loose all pressure when something obstructed the front of my tue, and these are the two blowers that have been suggested to me by blacksmiths and I can't easily find any older style second hand ones on ebay etc. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Not the easiest thing starting up without much of a support community around. Thank you!
  3. I - like many others - am still in the planning stages of smithing. As soon as I can move out of this stupid apartment, I plan to build a charcoal forge and get started. After reading lots of posts on lots of different forums to educate myself, I have determined that when the time comes, I would like to use a hand-cranked blower. It will be used in a side-blast, non-water-cooled configuration, just a thick-walled steel pipe passed through some fire brick. My question is this: Will a small Buffalo Forge Co. "Bufco" blower be sufficient in this capacity? I have learned that charcoal only requires 50 cfm or less. I can't seem to find any data about cfms for this blower, and I was hoping that some of you out there who own them could help me out. To avoid confusion, I'm talking about the Buffalo blower seen in these pictures posted by hammerkid: Thanks!
  4. My question is. : what is the best thing to flush out the oil reservoir on thus blower. ?? I Just got it home and opened the peacock and didn't get a drop our of it. So seeing how it turns fine. A little growl. But When released, it will still turn a full rotation + I got this Thru a recent auction. And its been well taken care off. And has no leaks. A fresh paint job too. So I hate To break the seal. Was thinking. Why not unscrew the peacock and flush the gear box out with? ? To remove or to find out if I need to open It up at all. ? But wasn't sure, if diesel or paint thinner would be a good flushing. Solution? I will take it off the arm That attaches to the forge table. After putting whatever in there To get the shavings or gunk outta there. Then wash it out real well and. Replace it all. On the arm in the proper position. What is the preferred lubricate to put in these blowers? I've heard everything from ATF, to Power steering fluid. I was wondering about gear oil for lower units on boat motors. I have several boats and always keep plenty of that gear oil on hand. Ans most has some fairly good qualities And provide great protection too. But I want yalls advice And experience on this. I know I'm making a big deal outta it. But I don't care to ever save money on any type of oil That protects my stuff. That's why I do annual oil changes on every thing I own. But never taught about anything past a online flush. But I'm not sure how old this oil is in this blower. So want to blow it out the best I can and know what I have . So any suggestions are welcome and needed. Figure someone has found the perfect thing to clean this gear box out. And I like to put the best stuff back in it. I just didn't ask the seller. Never knew saw him for sure or I would've. So someone help this insomniac , lol Hardest day I've had all week. And hottest. And I'm.wide awake at 3:35. worried about a chief blower. Crazy me. Thanks in advance. Y'all have a Good wkend.
  5. Hey guys, Me and my grandpa went to visit a older guy's forge for ideas on how to build mine, but it ended up of him saying that he was looking for someone to buy it, because he was getting old. I asked how much he would want for it, and to my surprise, he said that because I was young (17 years old) He would sell it to me for 25$, because there is not enough blacksmiths these days, and It would be an investment. So we went to get the trailer and we picked up the stuff. I noticed that the table was wooden and covered in cement, so tomorrow I will rebuild the table and put some bricks instead. The reason I find 25$ a steal, is because I have a very good working, Canadian Blower & Forge Company blower, two pairs of tongs, wich I needed, a 100 pound anvil I will get soon. ,a small fire pot that's on the table, and a cool Canadian Blower & Forge Company Hand drill press in mind shape. Heres some pics : (Sorry for the quality, It was dark outside. )
  6. i tried but i cant make bellows Usually i use hairdryer
  7. After many months of searching craigslist, asking about this forge or that on IFI, and dreaming constantly, I have finally found a forge. It is now in my posession for only $125. I am the proud new owner of a 12" Champion 400 blower and a Whirlwind firepot! I am having some difficulties though, and after fruitlessly looking through the old posts about fixing 400 blowers and firepots, I turn to you all. The blower makes a rattling sound, but I think it is just the fan blades scraping ever so slightly against the housing. I'm going to try and adjust that. THe big problem with the blower is a classic Newb moment: I can't figure out how to remove the gearbox cover. there are two screws, which I removed, but it doesn't budge. I don't want to break it, so how do I get it open? The firepot clinker-breaker is seized with rust and has WD40 on it right now, to try and loosn it up. the bolts which hold it onto the T-pipe/ash dump are rusted, and I'm going to have to drill them out. They are a solid peice of rust. Last question, how do I attach the ash dump lid? It seems like there should be a bold or a nut to hold it on. Thank you all for looking, ~RF
  8. There is a Champion 500 that i found on craigslist, does anyone know anything about them and how much it would be worth? it looks like its in good condition.
  9. Hey Guys, I've been lurking here for awhile and finally decided to sign up after I bought a forge this weekend. While I have built a few in the past years, I couldn't pass up this offer, and wanted to share it with you guys. This is the Forge, it is a Champion Blower and Forge from Livingston PA patented in 1902. The forge and blower are both in great shape. I payed $200 for it, granted I could have built 3 more forges for the same cost, But like I said I couldn't pass up this piece of history. Please let me know what you guys think and if you have any insight of the history of this types of forges I would love to hear what you guys have to say about it. Thanks, Sakadt
  10. Hey yall, I noticed the other day that my forge blower was a little stiff when I tried to turn it, so I filled it to the proper level with gear oil. But today i found that most of the oil was on the floor!!!!!! There isn't any kind of name on the bower it's self, but there is a name on the stand, It reads "TIGER", and I can't find any kind of info on it. Here is a link to a video I made this morning showing where it is leaking oil, and the whole blower it's self. Thanks, Trip
  11. I'm looking at building a forge for a combination of general purpose work and for tempering long items such as swords. I've decided on using an electric blower for the air supply, and already know to use radial/centrifugal type blowers. I've done a bit of searching and have come across information stating to use a blower with a flow rate of about 150-400 cfm, and suitable for anywhere from 1.5 to 6 inches of static pressure. My first question is: Is this information accurate? To design the forge for general purpose work, would it be easiest to design a forge with long firepot with multiple tuyere "branches" going to separate grates in the bottom of the firepot, or perhaps make one long grate with an air gate just underneath that could slide out to adjust the amount and size of the air blast? Perhaps there are better ideas than this that I couldn't find? With the multiple branches, an air gate on each branch could control the size of the blast, but I'm afraid of uneven heating causing problems for hardening. The final problem is how much air flow will all this require. Going from what was stated before, for a typical forge an average of 250 cfm could be a basic reference point. With 4 tuyere "branches" or the equivalent thereof, the needed cfm would be more around 1000. Does this sound correct, and if there is any information I missed or anyone has a better idea please let me know!
  12. Any one have any experience using one of these for a small forge? Found it on amazon. It's a hand crank blower made for heating up grill coals. It seems like a lot of work, but in a pinch.. Saw a vid of a camper using one for a small forge.
  13. I have a buddy trying to sell me this forge. From the little research I've done it looks like a Champion 400 blower but I can't tell much about the force itself. Both are pretty rusted up. The blower cranks fairly easily but sounds like a bearing is about to turn loose. The forge is so rusted nothing is legible and there is a leg broke off, probably rusted off. My questions.... The connecting pieces seem to be there but don't quite line up. It looks like it might have come from a different blower. Does this fit the 400 and this forge? Do I need to get some kind of duct to connect the blower to this piece? And I was wanting to clean this up real well. I have access to a sand blaster. Didn't really want to throw the blower in without disassembly, but I've read some bad posts on here of people bending teeth and I'm afraid the case might crack. Would the sand hurt the guts if cleaned and relubed? Or if I'm careful can I get by? And the forge looks to be missing a firepot. I didn't know if these connected and then a tuyere was used. A lot of questions but I was thinking of building a brake drum forge and this guy wants to sell all this for $80. I figured I'd have about that in constructing on that I'd like. But if I get this for $80 and have to drop a lot more into I don't want to waste my time. Thanks to anyone who can shed some light.
  14. i have a canadian forge co. blower that has no oil in it, what should i use for oil?