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Found 70 results

  1. I want to buy an anvil, i found this in a used tool market, no visible marks, the waist looks a little weird, like it has been grinded But i dont know if this is good quality, can you, distinguised and experienced guys identify it and give an estimate of how much to pay? many thanks
  2. May the coming year bring all of us a new outlook on life, health, knowledge, and many new friends. Thank you IFI for existing and helping to share blacksmithing knowledge around the globe. And for helping us all connect with friends with a common interest. Hammer on....
  3. My display at the conference. Anvils there were: #10 Fisher Chainmaker's, 1000 lb 800 lb Fisher 500 lb Fisher + pattern 150 lb Fisher, NOS, 1949 111 lb, Maine made Fisher 50 lb, one of the last Fishers, from the last pour 58 lb Insonora Fisher export anvil 100 lb swage block + pattern 0 size, 10 lb Fisher and the museum sign. Just a sampling of the museum collection.
  4. A friend offered to sell me a very nice looking anvil. It is roughly 175lbs, low wear, good rebound, and a nice ring. He wants 3$ per pound. I am concerned with the face of the anvil. There is a crack on one side between the face and the body approx. 3" long from the hardie hole forward. Additionally the face depth appears to taper. The face is 1/2" thick up to the hardie hole and then tapers to 1/4" at the heel. I can't identify any sort of brand or markings, other than a few isolated numbers on the back of the foot. He says he will not negotiate on price, should I take it or leave it?
  5. Does anyone know of any company thanks makes anvils anymore? Are they any worth buying?
  6. I know there are some interesting things that are collected: hand cuffs, stamps, coins, restored antiques (signs, refrigerator units) etc. So now I'm wondering if anyone collects antique anvils or even blacksmithing tools? If so could you post pics? If this is the wrong section (I dont think it is)'m sorry. Also if this is a repeat post again I apologize and understand if it gets deleted. Unfortunately I can't start the post off with pictures as I haven't even started smithingyet.
  7. I could really use the experts out there to help me identify this anvil, hope someone can help. I just picked up a 75 pound forged iron anvil from an old farm that has pretty good rebound and it rings, something I have not had to hear with my Fisher anvil. It has a somewhat convex (yes, not concaved) face on it, not sure if someone has welded on it or not, but the base is somewhat convex as well. In fact, it almost looks as if the anvil was forged in two pieces as the Heel, Horn, and Base have a small ridge shape to them in the middle as if it was joined in two sections and then ground slightly. It does not have a Pritchel hole, I thought this was odd or is it? The base measures 7 1/4" x 7 1/4", the face is 4" wide by 10 1/2" long, and it stands 8" high. There are no markings whatsoever on this. I have attached some pictures, hope someone has an idea what year and/or manufacturer is was.
  8. David Roeder

    IMG 0001

    A couple additions to the anvil collection.
  9. Hi folks, I really, really need to find an anvil in Las Vegas , used because I don't have so much money right now, I just moved... Can anyone help me??? Thanks Francesco
  10. I work as an architect at the Nebraska State Capitol but also have an interest in anvils and old iron. The Capitol is filled with architectural sculpture and decorative art surrounding the twin themes of the history of law and the history of Nebraka as a place. I thought it would be find to try to find as many depictions of anvils at the building as I could, so here is the list of what I've found so far: Exterior. Carved in limestone at the northeast corner of the East Pavilion: Interior. Carved in limestone above the fireplace mantel in the Governor's Reception Room: Interior. Carved in limestone on one of the Foyer pilasters: Interior. Polychrome glazed tile near the Foyer ceiling: Interior. Carved in marble (and repeated five times) around the door frame of the Supreme Court chamber: And although this really isn't part of the architecture, the Nebraska State seal prominently features a blacksmith working on his anvil: Keep your eyes open in the places where you live and work. I think you'll be surprised just how many "anvils" are out there in plain sight!
  11. The seller says it's in good "condiction" ... What's your opinion? http://www.ebay.com/itm/360602489936?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1423.l2649
  12. Hello, I am buying for first anvil and a man wants to sell me a 135 lb peter wright for $500. It it completely refinished like brand new. Is this a good deal? Thanks,
  13. I have an anvil with the Lakeside foundry mark located on the side of the anvil with the horn facing right.The base measures 9 1/4" X 7 5/8" and has an hourglass indentation on the bottom.On the bottom of the base under the horn on the right side is the #80 and starting from the middle it reads A143721.I was wondering how old it is and how much it weighs also it's worth.
  14. Hi, I bought a anvil here in Vietnam, it appears to be a vulcan with characteristic chipping seen in other vulcans, so probably it's real, I'm wondering if it's pre or from the Vietnam war era. See the pictures an comment. I paid about 80 dollars. I'm planing in taking it to my country when I finish my Assignment here in several years time. I don't do much forging. Any comment a bout possible history of this piece?
  15. My son and I have begun to acquire anvils, tools and are in the process of building a forge. We are planning to try our hands at making some items. Today I bought a Hay Badden anvil at a yard sale with the following serial number: 211592. The surface seems to be exceptionally smooth and square with very little sign of use. Can anyone give me an idea of its age and if I got a good deal. I had to carry it out of a guys basement and he only wanted $10.00 for it. Also any other information regarding this anvil will be greatly appreciated. I've attached some photos as well. Thanks!
  16. Ran across a Brooks anvil 1 1/4 GWT dated 1951 64 KGS. was wondering if anyone had any idea what it is worth. I would say it is in very good condition. I am located in Northwest Ohio. Just finished my forge and I am looking forward to firing it up.
  17. Rhino anvils are now made in America, near Spokane, WA. Their composition is a "nickel chrome" alloy, (nickel/chrome/molybdenum/manganese/carbon) used for making rock crusher liners. It's a very tough air-hardening steel, which allows the hardness to be HRC 52 all the way through.
  18. Hi guys, I'm new to the forum and hoping somebody would be able to identify this anvil I found last year in Kadina, South Australia - probably close to 150kg, fairly well worn, and no markings. It has a bit of a ring to it, but I'm not entirely sure what that's supposed to sound like. It's certainly not bell-like. Any information would be great! Thanks
  19. I don't know if any of you have seen the science channel recently, but Tony Belleci from Mythbusters is hosting an event on "flying anvils" where contestants launch 100 pound anvils using 1 pound of gunpowder. My first reaction is one of utter disgust! With how hard it has been to find an anvil in Alaska, and they are just launching perfectly good anvils for fun? Haha, I wonder if they will let me keep an anvil if I can catch it... might be worth the try to obtain the elusive piece of steel. The show said its a 200 year tradition and I was wondering if anybody knows more of the history of this event?
  20. The little one is a 99lb fisher Patent date is shown on one end, which is April 24, 1877. It also has a eagle on oneside, the underneath on the Anvil has the date 1880 in the casting. The overall lenght is 19 1/4" height is 10 1/4" and the cone is 7 1/4. As you can see by the picture, the Anvil is in good condition and has a good ring to it. $500.00 OBO The second Anvil I have is a 298lb Haybudden, overall lenght is 31 1/4" height 12 1/2" cone 12 1/2". On the side of the Anvil the words Haybudden Manufacting Brooklyn. $1000 .00 OBO They are located in Abbottstown Pa. If you have any other questions please email me and I will answer questions or send more picture. Thank you for veiwing.
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