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Found 70 results

  1. Any thoughts about this Bullock H. Cannon Co. Chicago Anvils value ?? its 200 lbs. made by the Columbus Anvil and Forging Company. the seller will take $700.00 for it.. thanks, JT
  2. I was just at an auction and watched a 50 pound Blackhawk anvil start for $100us dollars and quickly went to $245 U.S. Dollars 4.90 a pound. I told him for that per pound price I've got a couple of anvils I might sell him. that was before the auction 13 percent and sales tax
  3. I picked up this Factory made Anvil stand a couple days ago and I should have it in my possession on Monday. Its base is 14" X 15", the top is 11 1/2" X 12 1/2", its 14 3/4" tall and 3/4" thick with reinforced corners.. it last had a 250 lb. Fisher on it and is almost a perfect fit for my 290 lb. Peter Wright... JT
  4. well we have yet another fine Anvil up for bids this week at the same small local auction house !! have to see what this one brings !!! lol
  5. here is a poor abused Anvil that's at a small local auction this week... a sad sight to see how someone could do this... beat almost to smithereens and it's still getting bids !!
  6. Happy New Year everyone !! I picked this up recently... what do you think this is ?? is this a very old spoon forming anvil ?? its 2 /34" tall and the top is 2 5/8" X 2" and weighs 4 lbs. 6oz.
  7. hello, I ran across this Arm & Hammer Anvil said to be 400 Lbs. I can't make out much in the photo.. its 38 3/4" long with a 25 3/8" X 6" face. It stands 15 1/2" tall and has a base that's 15" X 13" with the photos I have I was wondering what a fair market value would be for it ?? thanks for any responses .. JT
  8. Minty 573 lb. Austrian Church Window Anvil !! does any one recognize the make of the last photo ?? JT
  9. I got my 240 lb. Soderfores Paragon today.. it took a few days longer to arrive then expected.. it didn't get picked up when it was supposed to .. it was a good thing the seller did use those heavy duty zipties !! they held the anvil in place very well as the tie downs worked themselves loose and really did little to nothing to hold anything in place.. actually a $20.00 waste of money.. part of the pallet even broke and those zipties held it all together !! it was to dark to get more photos when I got home from work but will add some when I get a chance .. JT
  10. I bought this 240 lb. Soderfors Paragon Anvil today.. I don't have it in my possession yet, I should have it in about a week then I will thoroughly clean it and post more photos of it.. I think I got a good deal on it at $2.83 a pound.. does anyone have any idea what year it may have been made ?? thanks, JT
  11. Hello ! I am looking at a early Hay Budden 131 lb. anvil with the serial number 7185 it looks to be in pretty good shape can anyone give a the date of this serial number ?? I have tried to find the AIA book at local books stores with no luck.. thank you for any help with this.. John
  12. I bought a anvil today and will post more photos tomorrow when its light out.. these are from the add .. it was a 9 hour round trip to get it... there were 6 other guys trying to get it, but I was the first to reply.. so the lady held her word and saved it for me until I got there... even thought... while I was talking to her on the phone a guy came in with cash in his hand and wanted to buy it but she held her word to me that it was mine !! its so nice to see some people's word still means something these days !! not to often does this happen anymore... it turned out to be a Peter Wright England 2 2 10 I believe it makes it 290 lbs. its about 32 3/4" X 5" X 13 1/4" and was $375.00 a mere $1.29 a lb. !!
  13. Good evening All, i just joined the forum and saw Frosty appears very knowledgeable and commented on Swedish anvils. Could you help me with this one I bought today and cleaned up. It is a Sodefers, with a Paragon stamp. 120 pounder. I cannot find much info on the year of manufacture and the import info. Anything you or or other members may know would be much appreciated. Thanks, Rick
  14. Hello I'm looking at this coach makers anvil.. the owner says he can find no markings on it.. its a massive 405 lbs. it has two lines going across the face that can be seen in the photos.. should this be a concern ?? its said to just be the way the face was welded to the base in three pieces ?? thanks for any comments !! JT
  15. Hello, I don't know a lot about anvils... I'm looking at this anvil for sale.. I don't know the maker and the seller doesn't know either.. he is trying to help a friend sell it he says its to heavy to pick up and would take two or three people to do it.... I think it may be around 300 lbs. its 31 1/2" long X 4 1/2" wide X 12 1/2" tall... it has this scar/groove on the face.. is this bad ?? should I pass on this anvil and keep looking for a better one ?? thanks JT
  16. hello, I am looking at a couple different anvils and I have found this one that interests me the anvil is 500 lbs. and the base is 250 lbs. and marked Blacker Engineering Co. New York any info and or price guide anyone could share would be a great help... sorry but this is the only photo I have of it....thanks, John
  17. Is their any way to tell the age of my sisco supreme I just aquired ? I'm just curious , I'm just a history nut.
  18. I would like to thank y'all that replied to my post on Swedish anvils ,helping me buying my new to me sisco supreme anvil . I'm very pleased with this purchase , I being a novice did not know about that brand of anvil , it has great rebound and ring. Thanks guys
  19. Does anyone know what type of anvil this is? It's 150 lbs.
  20. I have a Henry Wright 105 lb anvil. The face and step edges are in pretty poor condition but otherwise it seems sound. I have been using it for about 4 years but I would love to have better edges to help improve my work. I made an anvil block about 4 years ago and it is an acceptable substitute but I don't consider it a long term solution. I have been quoted $300-$350 to have it repaired by a professional welder/ fabricator and blacksmith. I have seen and worked on a few of the anvils he has repaired and they all perform well. I have been told that I can buy an anvil for $2-3/lb but I can't seem to find any at that price. Since the cost of repairs is close to the reported cost of another anvil I don't know if this particular anvil is worth putting the money into. I am not a collector so the relative uncommonness of HW anvils does not have much additional value to me. Are Henry Wright anvils of sufficient quality to merit this sort of investment? .
  21. Hey guys, I have been searching for an anvil for months now, and have come across a grand total of 3. Only one of which was in even a fairly decent state and the bloke wanted way more than was reasonable. I am in the process of starting up my own forge/workshop in Plettenberg Bay, but the one thing holding me back is the lack of an anvil. If you have, or know of anyone who has, a decent anvil that they would like to sell. Please would you post a comment :) Oh and also, if anyone happens to know where I would get coal from in this part of the world. That would be a great help! James Engelke
  22. Hi I am very new to the game. I am looking for some tools to use. I currently have a 3 pound sledge and a forge that i created recently. I know I am going to need more hammers very soon. My question pertains to the anvil. Is there any advantage to getting a new anvil right away. or can i get a combination bench vise/ anvil? Any one out there with experience on this issue?
  23. Hi All, I'm thinking about starting here ---- I've looked through the forums and am highly inundated with information. (which I presume is a good thing) For a beginner, if I wanted to purchase anvils and blacksmithing tools --- are there any particular brands that stand out? I'm looking for basics now but power tools in the next few years. Any suggestions help, thanks!
  24. So....I've been using a rail road tie/track? For an anvil. It got stolen recently (who steals 80 pounds of unsellable steel/iron?) Anyway... What is the best way to go about acquiring an actual anvil? and what should I look out for? I've seen a few on craigslist....but they are all 5-700 dollars and covered in rust and nothing was larger than 200. (Im fine with just having a 100-150lb anvil) The nice one was 144lbs and 1000 dollars. :/
  25. Hello, I have this anvil that has belonged to my family for many years. I have done some research on this anvil but have not been able to concluded who the maker and the year is, on the front foot it appears to show "T 250" and "A35483". It is hard to make out exactly. Would anyone be able to provide some information on the maker, year and estimated value. Thank you.
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