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  1. josh_parker


    I've been lurking for awhile, gathering info to build my first forge and wanted to post this to say thanks, to everyone for all the info and ideas that have been posted on IFI. I used 14 2300 insulating fire bricks for the entire forge, the top and bottom are pressed together with strap and allthread to make it easy to repair/replace bricks. You can't see the bottom but it is comprised of 5 bricks stood on there side to give more insulation for the table. I built 2 burners to go with it, a 1" side arm burner thats the one in the pics and a modified version of frosty's tee burner. I'll get
  2. A good while back, I was playing around with some burners and built a quick-and-dirty test forge from IFBs. It was used to test a 1" burner based on an Amal atmospheric injector (a British commercially-made Venturi mixer. Amal were once a big name in motorcycle carburettors). The intention was to get it to run over a range of temperatures all the way from heat-treating to welding. I showed it to some of the guys from the BritishBlades forum at a hammerin and one asked if they made smaller injectors. The 1" had seemed quite small to me, as I'm used to using the 2" ones at work, but he knows wha
  3. I'm trying to set up my forge, but I'm having a problem with my high pressure regulator. I have a 0-60 psi regulator, but when I was doing the leak test the propane just seams to be coming out this small hole in the side (see picture.) no pressure reads on the gauge, and it seams to be just a continual stream out of the hole. I'm not sure if it's a rubber valve inside that's failing, or if it's some other problem. So my basic question is: Is there a way to fix it or should I just get a new regulator?
  4. Well is it? I'll be the first to admit that I'm new at this, but the desire to build my own forge isn't there. I've read about twenty threads so far about people collecting tools and gearing up to make their own forge be it a gas or solid forge. I'm just curious, does making a forge make you that much more of an expert? I would rather buy a cayenne chile forge and get started in learning how to shape metal to my design than work on a forge that may or may not produce acceptable heats. What's the benefit of building your own? I understand if it's about money and you want to make everythin
  5. Hello all, Here are a few pictures of my forge that I have built. It took my about 2 years to get all of the parts together. It is a large forge. The burners are T-Rex 3/4". I have 4" of 3000 degree thermo blanket on the inside. The inside is also coated with ITC 100 (about 2 coats). The bricks in the doors are 2800 degree fire brick. The tank is 1/4" plate, including the doors. I hope the pics post ok. :) Please let me know what you think. Thanks!
  6. I just built one of Ron Reil's mini atmosphere burners. I don't have a nozzle flare on it, but am using a 1" pipe nipple on a 3/4" burner shaft in the meantime as per the design suggestion. I tried lighting the burner with a propane torch and it won't stay lit unless i keep the flame on it. I tried increasing and reducing the gas pressure from 5-17psi with no success. If I turned the supply line off center then it would stay on, but not in a way where it was really burn-blowing, and it led to a flame up. Someone suggested that there was too much air coming in and someone else suggessted that t
  7. Hey Guys. I recently got a new forge and its a gas forge using LP gas and i really would like to do some forge welding or pattern welding. but whenever i heat my steal up and try and weld it all it does is compress it but not like it should be. it continues to have seems and wont just go into a single billet after several hours of doing this i still could never get it to go into a single billet. so i was thinking maybe I'm not heating it hot enough. I typically run at 16 PSI and let it warm up for 15-20 minutes until i put my steel in, what am i doing wrong that wont allow a forge weld? w
  8. Been working on a gas forge, Ron Reil's Freon Tank Mini forge, on and off since the beginning of this year. Oxygen tank rather than freon. Kaowool in hand and just waiting for the local ceramic supply to restock the ITC-100. A few more enjoyable odds and ends (flange to hold the burner, back door) and some kiln shelving to do. Finally found a 1-60 lb regulator, at my local Ace no less. Another Ace a few miles away (referral from the camper store) was able to swage the correct fitting on the end of the hose to connect to the regulator. Just need to forge, in the tiny MAPP forge, the EZ
  9. Hi everyone! I'm new to the site and in need of some help. I built the gas forge picture below. It's a paint can (never held paint) and the refractory material is sand and plaster of Paris 50/50 mix. I have a burner I built following the instructions on makingcustomknives.com. The burner works great, but I cannot get the steel yellow hot - only bright orange. I'm running the gas at about 12 psi, but i would prefer to be lower. What are some things I can do to improve my forges heat? I know that's a loaded question, but I would prefer not to buy Kaowool and itc-100, etc. I'm new to this and d
  10. I finally was able to quit my day job (forging and building furniture) and start a business forging and building furniture with a talented friend of mine. Our first commission was to build a dining table based on a coffee table that we had just completed for a gallery. Since I had just given up my access to a big blue 110 and use of a well equipped, large shop, We started by building a large forge to heat the 1/2 by 3 I dreamed of using, and then a spring swage to texture the stock. After a couple of weeks we actually started the build. While I was forging the legs my partner glued up the 4x
  11. Hey guys hope you all having a good day today, well for starters im Michael or as my friends call me The Savage. Ive only done about a year at a blacksmith school and enjoyed it alot but after mucking around with knives i have realized my talents and interest lye more towards the bladesmithing side and have made 15 or so knives in my old coal forge. Its become too difficult to find resources for coal in my area as i moved right into town and solid fuel isnt really allowed so i descided on the gas forge route. So to make a long and time wasting story short ive made the forge and its completely
  12. Hi, so i've gotten much of the way through construction of my first gas forge, but I wanted to check with any exerienced people here before I apply the Satanite cement stuff, since it'd make what ive done so far permanent. Does it look fine or is there anything that should be changed before I go further? Like is the width of the chamber ok (3-3/4", the wool sticks out 1/8" on each side), or is it bad that some of the insulating wool sticks out past where the walls end, or anything else? its 11" deep, 5-1/4" high, 3-3/4" wide, so i'm estimating once i put on the satanite it will have a volume
  13. Hello everyone, i have been lurking this forum for a couple months now becoming more and more excited about the trade. I have be building a gas forge for about a month secretly at work. The body is from a 6" argone bottle i got from our airgas rep. then cut it to a 24" section, spilt it down the middle and tig welded a 3" section to make it a 24x10x6 body. Im going with 2 venturi side arm burners 3/4 every thing is welded with 309L and xrayed just for kicks. I am lacking the kaowool and firebricks and also the itc. But as soon as i get those in i will post pics of the finish product. i could g
  14. Here's a new forge I'm currently building as a portable unit for doing demonstrations. I've still got some work to go. Ribbon burner is made from 3x3x3/16 tube and refractory, using crayons as part of the form. She's not quite getting up to the temperature I'd like and I think I might need to pick up a larger fan in order to get there.. looks to be hovering around 1900-2000F. I could also have a little debris in the plenum, because, like a dumb*ss, I didn't take the paper off the crayons like I normally do - you can see in one of the pictures that it's not burning quite right. Just lined with
  15. Guest

    Gas usage rate?

    Noob here. I had a chance to pick up an almost new NC Whisper Daddy Low Boy at a great price. I'm running it off a small 20lb propane tank until I get a shop. I'm running at 6psi, which was the lowest that the (very helpful) NC support staff suggests running it at. Even so, the flames seem to come a few inches out the side ports-which I believe is the normal dragon breath(?). My first tank only lasted an afternoon. Unfortunately, this was a new exchange tank and I didn't weigh it before I started. How long should a 20lb tank last? Hours, days?
  16. Hi All, Acquired this gas forge recently, was hoping to gain a bit more info on it. Cant see any makers marks but it looks well made and think came from a farrier here in the UK. Just getting into blacksmithing and hopefully this will be a good little starter forge for small projects. The opening is 9in wide and 5 1/2in high so should be quite capable. http://www.iforgeiron.com/gallery/image/36801-gas-forge/ http://www.iforgeiron.com/gallery/image/36800-gas-forge/ Any information would be great! Thanks, Tim
  17. Hello everyone, I am new on here but have been visiting the sight for several week researching gas forges. I have finally decided to dive in and build my own. The forge I plane to build is going to 8” inner diameter and about 16” long. It is going to be made from an old air compressor tank with 2 or 3 inches of durablanket and sealed with a cast able refractory. I am planning to heat the forge with a single 1” “t-rex” style burner that I am currently in the middle of building. My question is, will a single one inch burner be enough to get the for
  18. jeremy k


    The start of a gas forge - 10" tube w/ 2" thick insowool, 14" length inside and a 1" burner. 12/28/2012
  19. jeremy k


    The start of a gas forge - 10" tube w/ 2" thick insowool, 14" length inside, and a 1" burner. 12/28/2012
  20. hi i am an artist blacksmith, & after 3 years of planning to but never actually building a gas forge, i have decided to bite the billet ~& buy one....cannot believe no-one is making them over here! there are loads in america! so now i am looking at diamondback forges metalsmith forge: http://www.diamondbackironworks.com/2_burner_metalsmith.html which is much more than i want to spend, but i seem to have no other option, unless someone experienced would be willing to build me one?!! in return for payment of course.....and i would sign any disclaimer, or you could leave it unf
  21. So I stopped lurking and registered to get the community's thoughts on this video: Video link was removed for safety issues (he pops open a beer as he starts talking), language issues (the video does fit the family forum guide lines), and advertising (he wants you to buy his products via the video). Then there is the part about making you an immediate blacksmith just by building his style forge. Short version: "Modern Blacksmith" suggests using a propane weed burner and a roll of Kaowool in a coffee can to build a small gas forge. Have any of you ever tried this and/or have insights into
  22. Just wanted to share a picture of my new gas forge I built for doing demonstrations at the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire. I decided having a gasser and a coal forge side by side would allow me to do a few more complicated things, and have things ready to go ala-Julia Chid. We sell swords, knives and other impliments of destruction and people are always curious as to how they're made so I figured having pieces in various stages ready to be worked on might make my half hour shows flow a bit better. I do three of them a day. As for the forge it's essentially two inches of fiber wool, a layer of
  23. Ok so, trying to get into the apparently less frustrating world of gas burning forges (I'm coming from a good bit of working with coal in a brakedrum). Here is my issue, I don't have enough money. I bought a Bernzomatic TS4000 a while back for some soldering I had to do. Now, for the time it will take me to save up for the materials for a 2 burner propane forge I decided to go with the 2 brick forge using the TS4000 as my heat source. My issue is with the torch, it's not burning the way it used to. When it was new it burned all very close to the tip with a bright(ish) blue flame and an
  24. Hi Folks, I've made a very small forge in an old coffee can. It uses a swirl torch (http://bit.ly/MMiI94) for a burner, and is filled with ceramic blanket insullation. I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions for improvment of this forge (so "get a new burner" or "throw it out" doesn't really count). I find that if I shrink the inner space to about 2-3" diameter, I can get an orange to bright orange heat on 1/2" square, but it takes a little while. It's not bad all in all, but I'd like to see if I can get a bit more heat out of it. Any suggestions for internal arrangment, positioning of
  25. I did such a thing and it significantly improved efficiency of the furnace. http://old-smithing....e-z-dopalaczem/ Mod note: this is not an afterburner as much as a preheater
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