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Found 55 results

  1. Greetings, gentlemen. I recently tried to do the stainless Damascus for the first time. In my blacksmithing master's shop (not having my own yet) we followed instructions by Ariel Salaverria to the letter (http://www.aescustomknives.com/docs/tutorial16.htm). On the first attempt, the container burned through after several minutes, hence the stacked steels were too cold to weld. We thought that perhaps the temperature was too high or there was too much WD40 inside. Hence, on the second attempt we put paper soaked in WD40 only on one end of the container and we poured out WD40 after squeezing it inside. We also started with slightly lower temperature. Result - after several minutes the container exploded, scattering burning coke around the shop. Luckily, nobody was injured and the shop didn't catch fire, but it wasn't very nice. Please see the attached picture of container after it was recovered. Any ideas how to do it properly? Is there any other way to do stainless Damascus in the forge? It is a simple coke-burning forge. Many thanks!
  2. I've got the taper to a point, but I'm struggleing with the symetrical points on the oposite end. If someone has a video of a technique I could use to forge it would be very helpful.
  3. 5 1/8" Hand Forged 5160 Blade. Stainless guard, Amboina burl handle. This was made for a local client by his wife after he asked her if he could have one made. She shot down the idea, then contacted me to have it made. She is buying it for him for Christmas. Pretty sneaky !
  4. Hello all, one question regarding stainless Damascus, please. I'm going to try my hand at creating my first billet of stainless Damascus this weekend according to the method described by Ariel Salaverria (his site is unfortunately down at the moment.) I have two steels - N695 and 1.4116. From what I gather this should be very similar to what Markus Balbach uses. The important question is - what happens with the square tube used as a container for the steels? My guess is that it will weld to the steels and have to be ground off, right? Many thanks for your replies, any & all input is much appreciated. Tomas
  5. Hey Guys, just me showing one possibility to make a hammer eye punch. I used C60 tool steel in 20mm round stock: Here are the different steps: 1. forge the round bar to an octagonal shape 2. create a teardrop shape about 1 inch below the top 3. create a light taper that starts of at the end of the teardrop and gets thicker for about 2 - 3 inches 4. then cut off additional 4 inches and create a light taper that gets thinner to the tip 5. taper about 1 - 2 inches at the tip thinner than the rest 6. planish and make everything nice and straight 7. dress the striking face 8. dress the surface of the rest of the tool and remove remaining sharp corners (optional) 9. heat up the whole tool above the transition point and let cool down slow (eg. in sand or on coals) to anneal it 10. grind the tip 11. heat up about 1 inch of the tip to cherry red colour and quench it in water or in oil to harden it (optional) ATTENTION: NEVER harden the striking face!!! 12. temper the hardened portion and a bit above to sky blue colour 13. clean it and touch up the edge 14. look out for cracks, test whether it is shatter proof 15. have fun with it :). Here is the one I made in the video: Well I hope this was helpfull. Yours - Daniel
  6. Hi, I am newcomer in this forum so i guess that i had to introduce me to the other users. So i decided that the best way to do that is to show my work and put my new video for your observation. Hope you will like it an someone may found it useful. John. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b2lvCcMlPQE
  7. This is one of the five knives required for the American Bladesmiths Society examination test for the Journeyman rating. This knife finished July 1, 2013 it will be amongst the other knives submitted for the 2014 Blade West show in San Antonio TX
  8. Can you Forge a Claw Hammer into a Cross Peen? Now this is a question I have been asking myself for a while now. I have an old Claw Hammer, which is actually pretty new, that could serve me much better as a Cross Peen. I know this may seem absurd but I would sincerely like to know if anyone has tried it before, or anything similar. I am new to blacksmithing and I have so many questions, but I thought I might as well start with a good (difficult) question. I think, if it were attempted,that you would have to ( Forge?) weld the claw side together and then forge them into a triangle shape, then heat treat and temper it. Again I am a complete Newbie to Blacksmithing but I am willing to learn!!! Thanks Guys, Jakob P.S. Here are some photos of the Hammer:
  9. David Roeder

    IMG 0001

    A couple additions to the anvil collection.
  10. Hallo to all of you, This is a knife I made to test my skills a couple of years ago. Yes, I wasn't be able to forge yet so I'd like to share my old knives... Knifemakers always say that the most difficult fixed blade to build is a sub hilt, so, I tried making one even if I totally dislike those type of knives as they are intended as "fighters" (bleah). I want to make clear that knives, to me, are tools, the most ancient ones and I have a lot of respect for these "friends" that take us company until the first man was born. Said that, the knife: 16 cm, 6 mm thick, 5 bars composite damascus. Handle: hilt, sub hil, and butt cap twisted damascus 1070+iron, mirror polished, vulcanized fiber spacers, erica arborea handle (the wood used to make pipes), pommel wrought Iron. OAL 28 cm The difficult part was that the whole knife had to be finished before assembling because otherwise I wouldn't be able to etch the damascus without ruining the wood... I hope youl'' enjoy it!!
  11. Hi folks, I really, really need to find an anvil in Las Vegas , used because I don't have so much money right now, I just moved... Can anyone help me??? Thanks Francesco
  12. Hey guys, I'm new to this website and I've been blacksmithing for about 7 months now and i have made several knives and other stuff like tomahawks but i was wondering what is the best kind of steel to use on a smithed knife? Also is there any way to sort of burn a image or symbol into the blade? I've heard from a few people that certain acids can permanently stain steel and if i make a wax stencil and pour it on the steel it will do such. If there is a acid that can do that what is it? And last is wood or coal better for smithing a knife? Thanks guys!
  13. Hey Fellows! Those of you who frequently read my posts, respectively watch my videos, might already know that I try to work with as many blacksmiths as possible. Especially those in my youngster age. And also that I always have my camera at hand to capture the best moments for me and those that are interested in it as well. So was it that I visited Alec in England over the Easter holly days. I´ve already worked with him two times before and he is not only a colleague, but also became a good friend of mine. We had four days to work, but unfortunately I´ve been sick in the beginning, so we weren´t be as productive as we could have been. Nevertheless we made a bunch of very cool tools both for me and Alec and also some nice artistic items. Furthermore it was a good preparation for he demo at the NWBA in a few months. This is all we´ve produced (On the huge sledge I´ve only made a new handle): This is what I´ve taken home with me: Our last project: A Brazeal style fullering hammer (not a rounding hammer) from 40mm square 1045 steel: One day I was so sick that I could not forge. So I decided to film Alec whilst forging and we made a real little image film for his work. I put all my expertise and efford in the filming and the edit and I really hope it paid for it! (For who is interested: Camera: Canon EOS 650D (Rebel T1i), Lens: EF 24-70mm f/2,8 L II USM) But see yourselves: Last year Alec was on tour with the YoungSmiths, which is an international group of - who guessed it - youngs blacksmiths that was founded by Brian Brazeal. They traveled around the USA and gave public demos. I am always impressed, what skills this young lad, who only reaches up to my chest and is with 15 still three years younger than me, already has. This year I am supposed to also take a course at Brian´s and join the YoungSmiths as well! So my visit at Alec´s place also was meant as a preparation for summer. We also filmed a tutorial about how to forge cranes: There are some more video that are not edited yet. If I decide to upload them I´ll post them here later. I hope you enjoyed my little diary! I am looking forward to a lot of very cool experiences and good crafsmanship with Alec, Brian and the YoungSmiths in summer. This was it from me so far! Yours - Daniel
  14. Everyone out there @ IFI, I'm new to the forum. I really could use some technical advice regarding the Victor 315 FC torch handle, 6-MFA tip I'm using with it, and the Smith gasaver (WDW 101) the torch is connected to. The longest I've been able to keep it running with out a flashback is about 3 1/2 months. I've had to send the torch in for service 3 times in 12 mo (clogged flashback arrestors). It's getting expensive and frustrating. The gasaver is compatible with acetylene. A blacksmith I know, who uses an 8 MFA tip with his gasaver, recommended setting the oxygen at 40psi. This worked for awhile until another flashback occurred. I've included a link to a video of the torch stand. Students use this piece of equipment so it is spring loaded- it cant be left running unattended. Is using a gasaver in conjunction with a heating torch tempermental? Should I not let students set up and shut down the station? I would greatly appreciate any suggestions, recommendations, and shared experiences any of you may have. Sincerely, Evertt Here is the link to the 1 minute video:
  15. 2 months ago I found one of the first pieces I ever forged, and remembered how hard it was for me to find info on proper forging techniques, and it was then that I decided to make a series of video's that I hope will give newbie's the info needed to start forging. So here are the links. This video is about building your own coal forge and firepot In this video I show how to light a coal forge by just using 3 sheets of news paper I hope these video's are helpful and happy forging. Trip
  16. I went to my first ever blacksmith group forge meeting. Met some great people, learned a lot and made the following items (pictures below): 2 nails 2 matching(sorta, they're about an 1/8" off in length :( ) brass brushed wall nail hook leaf tipped wall nail hook leaf tipped hanging hook (fits a pot rack we have in our kitchen) Both leaves brushed with brass wire brush. All hooks were rubbed warm with beeswax. I had so much fun and learned so much. If I hadn't been hooked before... making these hooks have guarranteed it. I left all but the end hanging leaf hook with them for them to sell at an event they'll be demonstrating at next weekend. http://www.iforgeiron.com/uploads/gallery/category_23/gallery_28530_23_135807.jpg http://www.iforgeiron.com/uploads/gallery/category_23/gallery_28530_23_3858.jpg
  17. Hey pals, just me forging an over kill nail to practice both tapering large stock material and striking/upsetting in a swage block: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=LrYuATVaeTE As always a high-res picture of the finished product: Yours - Daniel
  18. Hey fellows, another video of Alec and me, this time forging a 1 1/2 inch fuller. This fuller was forged to finish mainly with techniques of Brian Brazeals teaching. This fuller already served me very well with my current projects! I was directing and Alec struck for me, while navigating me through the different steps, so I learned how to direct this tool. I hope you enjoy the video! http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=2ShMHn_ofV0 Please take to note that I waived to use any rendered effects or fancy transitions in this video and it is basically a raw cut of all heats we recorded. You can see the fuller on the left hand side: Yours - Daniel
  19. I know everyone points at the sticky thread for groups... I've checked it. I have tried the Alabama Forge Council website, left messages for the president and the person listed as the Bay Chapter head. Even checking on the groups in Mississippi. The Bay chapter's person did not respond to my email and the phone number listed on the website doesn't work. The Mississippi groups are really not close enough for it to be feasible for me to get to spend much time there due to my work and family life. So if there is anyone who can help me find a local group or just even individual smiths willing to let a newb stop in and chat once in a while... please let me know by either posting here or PM me. Thanks everyone. Ken
  20. From the album: Knives, and Blacksmithing

    May 2012. Amboyna Burl & Ebony handle. 1095 mixed with cable damascus blade.
  21. I have an idea for a knife i want to make once I learn more about smithing. I have an old Peavey Hook from a log roller, when i picked it up, it felt right to become a knife, with the spike at the end of the hook as the pommel. Does anyone know if the metal they tended to be made from would make a decent blade? i know I've seen all kind of knives made from railroad spikes, so I was hoping that this would work. Funny but this does not look like any anvil topic I have seen, so I will move this post.
  22. Hello, I am buying for first anvil and a man wants to sell me a 135 lb peter wright for $500. It it completely refinished like brand new. Is this a good deal? Thanks,
  23. Hey Guys, today I forged this candleholder with a leaf as a base plate. It is forged in one piece out of 20mm round stock. Regards - Daniel
  24. Hey blacksmith folks, those of you who are interested in how to forge a hook on a pole for example to open hatches or to use in the gardenwork may take a look at my new video: . I hope you like it... Kind Regards - Daniel
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