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Found 512 results

  1. Hey guys! Found this anvil here in São Paulo, Brazil and need help identifying it. I know it weights around 200 Kg and that's all... Can you help me?
  2. Hey guys, happy Thursday! So I’m new to this forum. Mostly a vise guy but have always been looking out for an anvil and finally stumbled across one. Was covered in dirt and rust but could tell there was a makers mark. Looked well taken care of as the face and horn are in great shape (step isn’t the best). I got it home and went to town with a wire wheel. It’s an American Dunn & Murcott made in Brooklyn NY and seems to be a pretty rare anvil! It has 130 stamped into it making it 130# and made sometime between 1899-1911. The more rust and dirt I took off, the more damage I seemed to find unfortunately... it has cracks all over the place! The top of the anvil is in great shape compared to the rest which I found kind of weird. Tested rebound with a ball pein which seemed to be pretty good and has a nice ring up to the hardy hole. Beyond the hardy hole, the heel has terrible rebound and has a different sound which I can’t imagine is good. Here are some pictures of what I’m talking about. I’m hoping it’s not too serious? Wanted to hear some thoughts on it and if its too far gone. I was able to snag this anvil for only $150 so I’m not too crushed but it definitely is a bummer **I’m having trouble uploading pictures. Is there a trick to it that I’m missing? Or am I too new and need a certain number of posts first?
  3. Hello all, I've had this anvil for several years now but haven't been able to figure out what company/made of/date/style. Any help at all would be really appreciated! It weighs about 120 lbs. Its 20 inches from horn to the end of the face and about 9 inches in height. As you can see there are no handling holes and it has a flat base. The only marking that I can see anywhere on it is the 12 at the bottom. I have a copy of Anvils in America and couldn't find anything that quite fit its description but if you find otherwise please let me know! -B
  4. Hello, I recently purchased an old anvil and I was looking for help to identify its maker. I uploaded some pictures to see if anyone recognizes it. Seems to weigh about 120 lbs. Thank you. 0427202028a.bmp 0427202110a.bmp
  5. I just saved an anvil from a trip to the scrap yard. It is a Trenton with a crack most, if not all, of the way through at the waist. It was repaired with 2 long bolts from the stand up through the feet and into 2 threaded holes, one under the horn and one near the hardie hole. It has a Trenton stamp visible on the right side with T175 on the front right foot and A36043 on the front left foot. I understand that T is the initial of the maker and that it is 175 lbs. I don't have the date of manufacture but based on some other responses in the forums, I assume something like 1901-1903. Anybody have access to AIA to get the manuf date? I can't confirm 100% but I suspect that the crack runs all the way through. I see 2 small tack welds on the right side but those 2 bolts are doing the job keeping it clamped down to the top of the stand. I'm not new to blacksmithing and metalwork but a repair like this would be a challenge for me. Based on other forum posts, grinding a v 1/2" all the way around and welding it back is only necessary if it cracks all the way through and hasn't been repaired. For the smiths that have been around a while, would you undo a repair like this and try to weld it back? Thanks.
  6. Hey all! I just made an account in hopes to learn more from everyone here and to share/HOPEFULLY get a real estimated Production date on my anvil. It is 230 pounds J. R. Lindsay Pittsburgh with a Number 1 stamped on the left side of the foot. It’s measurements are 12.5 inches tall, 5 inches wide, and 29.25 inches long. I believe the Pritchett hole is 1/2 and the hardy is 1 1/4 It has a 3/4 inch steel face and appears to be forged by hand due to hammer blows throughout the sides, heel and horn. The horn is also crooked. Any information would be greatly appreciated! Baker EDIT: VOLUME WARNING FOR VIDEO. SHE RINGS LIKE A CHURCH BELL IMG_2138.MP4
  7. A friend of mine found this anvil while antiquing. He knew I would be interested and contacted me. I know it's worn but boy does it have character. And the price was right at $150. I may keep it as is and just use it from time to time. My other anvil doesn't have a Hardy hole so this one will come in handy for that. The other option is to fix it but I don't think it would be worth the expense. If anybody recognizes this old girl and can provide info that would be helpful! I don't know looks like an anvil out of an old SEARS Roebuck catalog.
  8. Hello All! My online name is Nikko, I’m 23 and stumbled upon Gold! ..Well an old anvil. I was cleaning out my families garage when I stumbled upon what I believe to be a sisco superior (I think that’s the name) anvil. Only clear thing I can make out is it’s 208 lbs. I need help identifying, cleaning, and selling this anvil. I made a similar post on Facebook and I am getting some mixed signal so I decided to make this account and talk to you guys. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! I uploaded a handful of pictures, let me know if you guys want any more. I couldn’t find any other markings on it.
  9. I am in need of an Anvil. I'm not looking to go and spend $400-$500 on an Anvil so im planning on going to my Local Junk yard as well as the Local U-Pull Place. Unless I get lucky to find a piece of RR Track or even an Anvil at a decent price, what could i look for to accomplish getting the right amount of Bounce with my hammer (32oz Estwing) as well as having enough Girth to allow for full strength striking. Im still Learning (Self Taught) so im not 100% concerned with having a Pritchel or Hardy Hole (unless i should be concerned with having one). Anything will help at this point, Thanks.
  10. I found this 5” square stock that’s about 16” long at the scrap yard for $40 I was trying to figure out how to anchor it. I am going in between setting it in concrete or making a wooden stand and welding on some angle iron to secure it. any suggestions would be a great help!
  11. So I got ahold of this anvil from my friends at the farm, and they let me borrow it. I dont know what brand it is, I was thinking one of the Fisher varieties. It has some sort of red coat underneath the rust, I dont know if that has to do with anything. It has a big chunk taken out of one of the edges and the step is all beat up, but other than that the rebound is good and has a nice ring to it. I would like some help figuring out the brand name. I forgot to mention it weighs around 100 pounds.
  12. Dos anyone know where a fella could find something from which to make an anvil suitable for a 40-60 pound power hammer? I live in Mechanicsville, VA and was thinking maybe the shipyards in Norfolk would be a good starting point but most scrap yards I contacted are "Single-Contract Sellers" and can't sell me even so much as an old rusty nail. Any help would be welcomed. Bill
  13. Can anyone help identify or roughly date this anvil? Sorry for the poor pictures with vegetation, I only had a few seconds to grab a couple of pictures so these were the best I could do. Location is the South West of England so I assume it is from a UK maker? From the way the pritchel hole breaks out of the side I assume it was drilled? I’ve not seen one in that part of an anvil before. The face is approximately 14” x 5.75”, the horn is approximately 7” long and the pritchel hole is 1” in diameter. The anvil is too corroded to see any markings. Not much to go in but hopefully someone may have an idea of maker and age?
  14. So I just ran across this anvil in an antique shop for $150 (Veterans Day Sale) and it is actual 35 pounds, but it looks like the top is welded on. I was planning on purchasing a farriers anvil next year but I figured this might be worth it? I unfortunately have not looked into anvils much because I didn’t plan on buying one soon and the sale ends in 2 hours. So is this worth it, or let it pass? (200 is normal price that they are asking) sorry if this is the wrong place to ask.
  15. Hello I am kinda new, and one of the focuses I want to get into is tool making. I have seen lots of info on making pretty much any tool I can think of besides anvils, and was wondering if anyone had info on this topic. More specifically forged anvils, not tooled or cast. I have seen a few small projects mostly from alec Steele for decorative ones, but I want to learn to make useful ones starting small, and working up to larger ones.
  16. I recently purchased a Belknap anvil, 110lbs. I was hesitant to buy it because I couldn't find much info on their anvils. Fortunately it has turned out to be a pretty good anvil. I was wondering if anybody had any info on Belknap anvil, especially a date for the anvil's year of manufacturing. I did what research I could and found a 1917 catalog from Belknap but found the markings on my anvil to be different from the catalog and the company's logo in later years. Anyways, I appreciate any info.
  17. Hello, new to the group trying to get into blacksmithing, i am a welder by trade. I have picked up two anvils one is a 63lb arm and hammer the other is i think a Columbus 97lb. I would like to know more about them. Say when they were made,if they are any good, any and all information you can give me would be appreciated.
  18. I just got back from working in Wyoming. I visited my buddy that I got my soderfors anvil from and I walked away with this little guy. It is trunkated, it weighs 45.6 lbs, the face is 3 inches wide, from the shelf to the Hardy hole it is 7 inches, the Hardy hole was 3/4 inch, it's 7 1/2 inches tall with a foot print of 7 inches by 6 3/4 inches. It has a slight hourglass shaped indention on the bottom. What looks like a thin hardend steel plate is really just the edge that has been curled down from use. It looks to be welded at the waist. It has about 80 percent rebound on the face, it rings good until you test the horn then there's hardly any ring and it looks like the horn has a large fracture running through it. I can't find any dicernable makers marks or weight. I havn't done any spark testing on it yet to check if it's wrought iron, cast iron or cast steel. The only history I have on it is that he picked it up at a ranch estate sale. My buddy was going to use it as is until he had two massive strokes that left him unable to work. So he just gave the little guy to me. I was going to clean up the trunkated area and use it for edge packing on knives, small forging items or maybe just as a conversation piece. I find it amazing that the Vikings used similar sized anvils for most of their forgings. Maybe I'll try it out as a small travel anvil. Enjoy and forge on :-)
  19. Hi I’m new to this blacksmith and new to this forum. This is my first real anvil anvil and I’m just curious about what exactly it is. I know is a Columbian and it’s 75lbs. Any input would be greatly appreciated.
  20. Hello, I received this anvil and would like to know more about who made it, it’s age, the concave bottom and how the maker got it to ring like it does! Someone told me to drop a ball bearing on face in different places and see what kind of rebound it has.. It bounces almost back up to my hand! Maybe 85-90% of the way. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Kacy8261
  21. This afternoon I encountered the largest anvil of my young life. We showed up to Carson Park in Eau Claire, WI for the Independence Day celebration. My mom told me there was a forge I should see. Grandpa mentioned the lights in the coal forge to make it seem hot and I lowered my expectations. This is what I found. I was focused on family, so I did not get a brand/maker's mark etc. There was an 800 on the foot (bottom right) which I believe indicated weight in pounds. My 5'4" bride for scale. The hardy is over an inch wide; the pritchel is about 1/2". We found the sign humorous.
  22. Hi there everyone, just kicking off with the blacksmithing trade hoping to get into it. Slowly collecting tools, made a coal forge the other day. Luckily I picked up this anvil for $150 which has some major damage. Not too sure on how to restore the hardy holes. No idea what's going on with the rivet either. I've been told from about hard facing with a welder and also milling, forming lump of steel to weld on the break. Not too sure yet. From tip of horn to break 650mm Anvil face width 150mm Height 350mm Horn length 300mm Any advice, tips, tricks and info would be greatly much appreciated. Cheers guys.
  23. njanvilman, any data in AIA on Arm and Hammer 93# Serial: 27689 ?
  24. Hello all. Picked this one up today and need help with an ID. I don't see any markings on front or back, but it's been painted. Both feet have numbers. I assume the 85 is a weight--it feels right when I lift it. Each foot has a 3 on the far right as you look at it. Same serial number on each foot. Thanks in advance.......Mike
  25. On YouTube a guy made a sand filled anvil stand that weighed around 100 pounds is this advisable, thanks link here- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qn80WsvJc94&t=325s
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