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    Which New Lathe

    I picked up the Steelmaster 1236A today and now have hours of fun and learning in front of me.
  2. spoon

    Which New Lathe

    Hi Nakedanvil, I spoke to the store selling the steelmaster (quickchange tool post) and mentioned there lack of bench compared to his competitors and he will quite happily include it for free! Hi Ed Thomas, I will check the reccomended forum but knowing a blacksmith felt it was worth drawing on the wealth of knowlege out there. I'll check back to see if anybody has any personal experiences. Thanks all.
  3. spoon

    Which New Lathe

    Hi all, Can any body help? I am looking at new lathes and have found three very similar and not that different in price, I am tossing up between Machtech 310X1000 , Hafco Metalmaster AL-335 (300X910) or a Steelmaster SM-1236A (300X925). The main thing i find different is that the Steelmaster does not come with a bench but it does have a quick change tool post. Please Help:confused: Applied Machinery https://www.machineryhouse.com.au/Products?stockCode=L183 SM-1236A. Steelmaster Bench Lathe with all Standard Accessories / 240V - Asset Plant & Machinery
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