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  1. Great job....How much did it cost in the end?
  2. That sounds almost exactly like the one i picked up recently... mine is about 170lbs... I think the numbers are the old british stone weight system. I also cant make out the lettering in the circle.
  3. Is it possable that you could layer it in a crucible using minerals ground to powder if you give it enough layers of iron powder, veridiam, charcoal, dash of tungston, and ground glass on top? I think the glass is just to keep the carbon in the mix and the air out. If the powder is layered before melting will it create the apperence of layers?
  4. I would like to know a recipe using easily obtainable alloys.... quantities by weight and cooking time and temp with cool down process. .... anyone game? Im thinking melt an iron ingot with afew tungston dart tips charcoal powder crushed glass.... I also heard that crushed seashells can be used..... Is there anything i should throw in or should keep out.... can i use steel instead of iron?
  5. I have a couple gallons of refractory but building a forge using ceramic blankets looks much easier. What are the pros and cons of each material? Would using layers of both be most effective? If i have an outer layer of ceramic blanket and an inner layer of refractory will the castable reftactory cast well against the blanket or will it look really dirty? Will it cause the wool on the bottom to compress over time and if so how does one combat that? PS Anyone in the chicagoland area have 5 feet of durablanket they would be willing to sell to me on the cheap.
  6. So waht about refractory vs insulating blanket or if i was to combine the two which would be the most ideal configuration? Refractory lining with the inner layer being ceramic balnket? Please let me know. Im constructing a simple gas forge and need to price out what i need... I already have a couple gallons of refractory. Im thinking three layers and the inner layer would be castable refractory while the first and third layer would be cermic blanket.