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  1. I took more pics, a little closer. I really can't tell if that line indicates a "face plate" or not.
  2. Thanks for the replies! All I have done so far is use a small wire wheel on a drill to remove some of the scale/rust. "Does the face where it's damaged look to have a step down to the base metal? If so it it may have a steel face and the rest being cast iron" Looking at it again I would say that there appears to be a "top plate" as there is a definite line about 5/8 to 3/4" down from the face?
  3. Hello, I first seen this anvil in my dad's garage back in the 60's. I ended up with it when he passed years ago but never used it (I'm not a blacksmith).The only lettering I see on it is "100" and maybe something that might have been on the front base at one time. Looking around at older ones on eBay, Craigslist, they all seem to have a brand name of some sort on them. Does anyone have an idea on who might have made this one or when it may have been made? Thanks! Jim
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