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  1. Thats a good idea! All that stuff good to be made out if mild a36/1018?
  2. Frosty thanks for the support man. Ive really grown attached to this craft. Ive always been big with using my hands. This stuff is right up my ally. i need to find things to make soon that will help me practice the basic techniques and such.
  3. Makes complete sense. Ive been trying to copy Brian B’s video on tong making. I obviously got that part wrong…lol the funny thing is one of my “attempts” are made the other way. I scrapped it cause i thought it was wrong. Now i know. Thanks for the explanation!
  4. Interesting. I guess i didnt really think about it. I will be sure to pay attention to that next time. Thank you.
  5. Lmao nope im a right handed guy hammer in the right hand….lol. Im not 100% sure what you meant by that last sentence.
  6. Here they are. Made from 3/4” square stock. These along with the few attempts before this are the first things Ive ever forged. There are alot of issues with them and I am not happy with them but I am happy that I completed them and have some sort of a functional tool. They need to be adjusted and fine tuned, this picture was taken right after i got done with the rivet. I also made the rivet myself too. I will make another set. I certainly learned alot. the other picture are my other attempts.
  7. Im thinking it was dropped. So the bushing that keeps the screw in was gone and the pin was sheared on both sides. The pin that keeps the block in that the screw screws into was also gone. There was also a crack running up the middle of the piece that was broken as well. That crack was ground out and a hole drilled at the end of the crack.
  8. No sir. I didnt have any to be able to repair it with it. I used 1018, three pieces, welded them together then welded that to the vice. Of course after prepping the cast iron. Used xuper 2233n rod to do the job. Preheated with a rosebud, peened the weld and then buried in preheated silica sand.
  9. Alrighty i got it done. I fairly happy with how it turned out especially given my inexperience welding cast iron.
  10. Picked this up today for $20. It was very much seized up. Obviously got it unstuck. Am going to sandblast it today and look for cracks and other damage. It does have some missing material as you can see in the picture. I understand these are cast iron or ductile iron. Ive welded on cast one time before it came out well. would it be beneficial to clean that up back there and weld some steel onto it to bring that back to what it should be or not? Also if i find and cracks in the body should i weld them?
  11. I was unsure if the pictures were not displaying for me or if there was another issue i was not seeing. I will use the google search to look thank you. Thanks for the welcome. I have been creeping on this forum for a few weeks now. Lots of info on here. So much to sift through.
  12. Hello everyone, I was browsing the blueprint section and the majority of the blueprint for tongs are missing the pictures. Anyone know where I can find something for wolf jaw tongs? Would be a great help. Thank you!
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