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  1. Good luck to you. As you said, a few fine operations on wood, the result will be perfect in my opinion. We are waiting.
  2. Answers received. There are a lot of knowledgeable people here. Thanks
  3. It's an honor to follow. Apparently, things aren't too bad.
  4. He literally warmed up to see the scenery in the photo. great!
  5. Kolo MEM

    New tools!

    I still love the old ones. My eyes almost filled with tears when I saw the subject. Here's what I have to say about it: I've been reading and researching for a long time. I would like to show the performance of the product I purchased. I really liked the link removed product. In the review here, it was stated that it was not bad. I would like to get your advice as well. maybe there is something wrong. Of course, I'm trying different things right now.
  6. Greetings to everyone. I see that there are great contributions to the subject. I will add it to my favorites. Also, thank you to the owner. Yours truly...
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