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  1. Thank you, everyone! Appreciate the guidance here. I went and purchased some red food coloring. Apologies, Apologies, Irondragon ForgeClay Works I just couldn't pull the trigger on mold green! All the best IKC
  2. Appreciate all the helpful information you've documented throughout the site. Had a quick question for you and the community. I frequently see 'food coloring' recommended for post-buttering application of fumed silica to ceramic wool. I was wondering, would acrylic-ink be an acceptable option as well? I have Liquitext Acrylic Ink pigments on hand; they say: "Ultra-fluid acrylic with lightfast, artist-quality pigments. No dyes. No fade. Just pure, permanent color. And like all acrylics, it dries quickly and permanently, with no smudging or bleeding when rewetted or layered. You get pure liquid color in a range of opacities." And elsewhere I see they are made of "super-fine pigments in a [...] acrylic emulsion." Do you think these would somehow interfere, chemically, or otherwise, as a substitute for food coloring? I'm still planning to use Kastolite-30 afterwards. But trying to save a trip to the grocery store to buy something I'll likely not use again for 20 years. ::chuckles:: IKC
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