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    Salem, Ohio
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    Inventor, metal fabricator, welder, machinist. Moderator over at millerwelds.com
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    any metalworking, Echo chainsaws, Schwinn bikes.
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    Oil refinery Operator, i make gasoline and diesel fuel as well as tar.

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  1. My life has sucked for the last 4 months. I got sick and lost 30 lbs. Flunked out on a test at work and took a $45,000 dollar a year paycut plus i had to go to the bottom of the list. But i am still living, thats a good thing...Later...Bob

    1. 2ndChanceCowboy


      We All suffer hindsight 20/20 brother. It's All about money n what you can be replaced by n often cheaper. Devotion n hard work means nothing in America today. Hope your life is better today 7yrs later,,,

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