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  1. Thank you for the responces guys I do appreciate it. Sorry for the indeterminate questions. My issues is that online I have found it hard to find any details on what the difference between a refill and a new bottle costs as they usually only state the cost of a whole new bottle so maybe this is where I have to get in contact with a local dealer who offers refills and ask them what their costs are. I thought it would have been easier to just google Propane Refills UK and find costs but I have yet to actually find any helpful information. Thanks again for the responces and I will check with BABA or a local-ish blacksmith about it. Kind regards Arron.
  2. So I am looking at getting into Blacksmithing here in the UK in Yorkshire and I am trying to work out a few things before I start buying bits to get started but the hardest thing I am finding is information on Propane in the UK. How much is the average cost for a Bottle of Propane is quite easy as I can google that and the prices are about £40 for 19KG. How long would someone expect that 19KG of Propane to last in a Propane Forge? How easy is it to get refills of Propane? Is it cheaper to get Propane refills than buying a whole new bottle and if so what is the price differene? Is propane in the UK more expensive than in the USA? I am very new to it all and looking for a bit of advice.
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