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  1. Ah Ive never tried that either. Thank you for the advice!
  2. I can't ever seem to forge weld, even with a coal forge and borax flux, even after watching a lot of tutorials and practicing a lot. I have several different punches, but they all have the same issue. Most of the time I drill 5 little holes to create a path of least resistance, but that doesn't seem to help and somehow it ends up going out the side. My punches are just sharpened rock chisels so I dont know if I need a different punch and Im not sure how to make one. Also the way I hold it is by putting the tongs between my legs so I have both hands free. And thanks for helping me out with this!
  3. I have been wanting to forge an axe for a while now, but i cant ever seem to punch the eye. Ive tried different types of punches and i still cant get it to work. The punches always want to go through the cheek of the axe instead of going straight down. Can anyone help?
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