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  1. Nice clean up on that one TW! Ready for action now.
  2. Frosty, thank you for that info! Will keep it in mind if i come across any others.
  3. I also needed someone with more knowledge today! Guy also had a leg vise that seemed very good shape and fully functional. Wanted 90 for it, for around me i probably shouldve snagged it too.
  4. Couple small tools made their way home from a swap meet today at local engine and threshers org fall festival. Figure a start for twisting wrench and a little modification for a short set of tongs. Figured for $2 a piece what the heck.
  5. Nice poem there jhcc. And yes i figured the grain of sycamore would be another plus.
  6. Frosty, unfortunately a welder is also on my list of needed tools and i would build a tripod stand. Youd think a guy thats welded off/on for 20yrs would have a welder... lol
  7. Biggundoctor thanks! I figured it would probably work fine. Ill likely go by and measure tomorrow and try to snag a couple.
  8. Would sycamore hold up ok as an anvil stand? Drove by my little towns debris dump and someone dropped quite a few big chunks of it there.
  9. George thank you for that info! I love learning all the history that many of you guys here share all the time!
  10. TWISTEDWILLOW i thought it was, very cool to see. ThomasPowers the lady hammering yesterday said the air pipe goes all the way to back in it and it is basically 2 chambers that you can use 1 or both. I figured it was probably a commercial use as big as it was.
  11. Here is a pic of a nice supposedly original old bellows that was a barn find by the main smith in this shop. Located at Deanna Rose Childrens Farmstead in Overland Park, KS. He is in process of restoring it as you can see, unfortunately he wasnt there to actually chat with.
  12. Dax, looks like a heck of a score if it does what you need!
  13. Twistedwillow i will remember that, youre about 5hrs SE of me. Being someone looking to get started i def need to find some local smiths to visit with.
  14. Apparently i need to come shopping at your place then once ive saved some dough up!
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