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  1. Yup, file digs in unfortunately. What did you use as a base for it? I was going to build a stack of 2X6's banded and screwed with a center cutout for the steel to rest in. Not sure how i can secure it down though. JHCC Thanks! He's got 2 or 3 more lengths and some 3-4" thick rectangle cuts of the same material. Wonder if I should go back and grab one of those too.
  2. Hey guys, Just getting started on putting together my own forge after taking a few classes. I want to work my way into selling my first born child for a proper anvil and found this 6" round X 8" rod at the local scrapyard. Any idea what the markings mean? I gave it a spark test and it has long white sparks with multiple sprigs ( old chart I found said that means its High Carbon Steel) Do I need to heat treat it or can I just go at it? Thanks for the help Dave
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