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  1. I've been making heavy grills but that limits my market to local people. Does anyone have a recommendation for a carrier that I can use to ship heavy items economically? I'm in Maine. Thanks, all.
  2. I offered, but the chef did not think he needed any. I really wanted to make a giant spatula
  3. We did, here is a picture. Some old bacon pieces.
  4. Not tested yet, no. I will post pics for sure
  5. The wedding is Saturday, so I made it
  6. I think its around 9" with a 1" gap. I can measure later
  7. I have the h shaped forging press from Riverside, I think?
  8. Thank you, I will do that when I work on it again
  9. Yes, it goes over this upside down. The problem with this size is that the rim has lifted up all around from the hammering. I'm thinking of welding a grid to the bottom to flatten it, but that seems like cheating. Done for today.
  10. I made this form to take out the wrinkles. Looking good except for 2 bad spots.
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