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  1. Thanks for your input guys! I did not actually know that a bit smaller lump would be better, but now I do so I'll definately use that info! Matt, I agree, I need better air control. I am working on that. Any suggestions? :confused: I'm open. One thing I did do though is make the length variable on that grate by using another piece of pipe that blocks the air holes from the one end. In theory, I can use the whole 10 -12" of the fire pot length, or just a few inches. Now on the practical side of that theory, I have found that a bit of debris does get down the holes and sort of bind the stopper pipe. So far not too bad and since the stopper pipe comes right out it's easy to clean. And again, this is where a better air flow control would be ideal, since having only 3 open holes will require less air than 10. Frosty, I had it in mind that the air tube would eventually need replacing as I was welding it all together, and as it would happen, I totally forgot about it the second I popped my welding helmet on my head and lowered the sheild! Now providence is a great thing, concidering I had not even checked to see if my holes were facing in the correct direction, AND, as it would happen, that tube only ended up with a very small weld at each end before I lifted the helmet and returned to my senses! Some of us are dangerous in the dark! :D
  2. Well I was finally able to finish my charcoal forge project. Here is a few pics. With my test fire I just let a piece of steel burn right through as you can see in the pics. Welded the fire pot up from 3/8X6 Flat bar. The air is fed in through a 1/8 wall X 1-1/4" pipe with 5/16" holes drilled into it. The top is 1/8" sheet steel with some angle welded on as an edge. The blower in the pics is far too powerfull. The little blob in the last oic is the end of the rod that burned through.
  3. Ian, I hear ya about the $$ being tight these days! But, I was SUPER fortunate - a week or so ago a guy that I know, and runs a small two man machine / fab shop left a message for me saying, 'since he has had no time to get rid of his drops, and right now scrap is worth nothing, I could come by and help myself to his drops!" Mind you some stuff is odd sized, but hey, it's free, and he is very happy that his bins are getting lower! Not sure how the price of scrap metal is doing where you are, but maybe asking a few questions to the right people might just net your daughter a bed frame. BTW I'm not saying we ought to be beggers.... You could always offer to make something decorative for the company, or for the Boss if you can't offer $$
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    What to do when you can't sleep.... build stuff. Took about 3.5 - 4 hrs to get this far. haven't made the foot yet.
  11. Creativity. Man has a desire to be a creator, even though at best he can be a re-creator; just as Solomon said, "There is nothing new under the sun." As a kind of non-creative person - I have the desire to create, and recreate things in a more personal (and better) way. It energizes me, gives me strength to go beyond where I have gone before. Stimulates the mind. Teaches me to plan things out, to look ahead of myself so I don't end up at a dead end. And I find it very satisfying to spend a day working with my hands and the various ellements already mentioned, and then go to bed dead tired, just to be able to get up the next day and do it all over again.
  12. :D Well it's finally done and sunny enough to take a picture of it. I really had to re-think this back to simplicity. I can always get fancy after I have a few more under the belt. After considering the stems of the flowers, I left them dead straight instead of making a more natural bent stem because to me is gave them an almost surreal (sp?) apearance. For some wierd reason I had a sort of Edward Scissorhands (or something) thought going through my mind. I made a little socket for the bouquet to sit in so they can be removed easy for moving the thing from place to place without catching the flower petals on stuff. I added one hint of colour at the top where the two uprights come together in the form of a Brass Wrap (Brazing Rod). I need to work on symetry (sp?) - I think next time I'll draw a pattern to follow instead of trying to lay one on top of the other. Comments and critiques welcome. Anyways, here's some pics at last. Willy
  13. You've given me a good idea for sure. I'm using a propane forge made from a 20# Propane Tank; it's on a "cart" made of round tubing. As a stock support at the mouth of the forge I have a RR Switchplate; being an inch thick, and heavy enough to support a decent tap with a hammer, this is where I'll try my initial welding tap. It's close to the fire - so it's hot - and I don't have to turn to the anvil, it's flat and wide - so it's easy to position the stock. Thanks! Willy
  14. Well, here is the Flower (Rev.2 using a small guillotine tool). I made the guillotine tool thinking to use it in the vice... My big vice is too high for consistant blows with the hammer; I'm welding a hardie post to it later. I wanted a nice tight neck, and because the thicker flat bar ends have been used up, this one is made completely of 3/16". It does a good job of necking 1-1/8" (1/8 wall) tube down enough that a 1/4" drill shaves it nicely for quarter inch rod. Willy
  15. Hey John B. I've been thinking about your suggestion. I have a question that will help clarify. Here is my thought. Imagine the intersection where 2 branches separate. I wrap some 14/16ga(?) shaped like a leaf around that joint, as snug as I can, starting a half to three-quarters of an inch below the joint, and continuing up to hide all the welding. Then weld the bottom, only around the immediate place where the covering leaf piece goes around the single branch. Clean it up some, then heat by torch and smooth with a light planishing (?) hammer to smooth/hide weld. Is that what you had in mind? Willy
  16. John B. You've assumed correctly. VERY good point :cool: It's obvious which of the two of us has done this before! Although those branches have just small tacks, I was curious to see how they might look. Of course when I passed it by Quality Control I was told they need to be a bit flatter to look nicer. (Quality Control = My wife and my Mom - Wimen.... they know what they will spend $$$ on, So I check with them) St. John, I was planning a wire wrap for at least the the top. The flat steel suggestion will work perfectly at the Y type joints. Thank all of you for your Help. Willy.... (building tooling today)
  17. Mike, I bought a big one like you described. about 8" in diameter, at least 1/4" thick. I cut it off a half inch below the point where the side become straight. And also as you said, I could not get the brass fitting out of the top. My O2 tank is empty and only one of my pipe wrenches was big enough and I didn't have a second pair of hands to help hold it up anyway. So I cut the fitting off flush with the top. Turns out that wasn't such a bad idea because after I take out the tube that goes from the top to bottom of the tank, I'll have a smaller hole for mounting/hanging, and the brass that's still inside the bell isolates it enough so that it still rings VERY LOUD. Willy
  18. Here is the one flower I was able to make. Pretty tough to neck it down without the guillotine. Thanks to Finnr showing where to find a tutorial, I know how to make it. Then I'll be able to get it nice and clean. First picture it's still attached to the pipe, and since I was not going to use this one, I cut it off and roughly made three little legs for it to sit on. (that's the second). I necked it down with the edge of the Anvil and my smallest ball pien. First one... I'm happy.