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  1. Worked for a number of years at a mom and pop auto/farm/industrial parts store, we were one of the few that still turned rotors and drums. Nearly 1/2 the time new rotors were cheaper or the rotors were out of spec and could not be turned. Few customers wanted to take home their old rotors when they bought new. They would pile up in barrels behind the store for a long time before someone thought it was worth the time and potential flat tires hauling them to sell at the scrap yard. Clearly most of this was not great metal, but a lot of it was quite thick. More than one of my home made vices had jaws from brake rotors. Several work stands had rotors or drums as bases, and a few were modified to become dishing forms. I suspect most shops would gladly give these away, or be very happy to sell at a good price to avoid the hassle of recycling. Another great resource from there was 1 inch thick hexiboard cardboard. These are roughly 4 foot square, 1 inch thick cardboard sheets. They were used as spacers between boxes on pallet deliveries. One of the best packing materials I’ve ever found for either fragile or heavy items. So much so that 10 years after I left the place I still visit once a month to buy them. (I say buy because they would gladly give me whatever they have laying around when I visit, but when I pay they go to the effort of collecting them, storing them, and don’t let any hit the dumpster)
  2. I would like to thank you for your posts here, I am building the same hammer and it has been great watching your progress.
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