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  1. The only reason I got 20” is that’s the max length I can get out of my material I intend to use. I have a chunk of 5”x5” angle iron that I planned on cutting into 4 equal parts for the body. So going off what you have said I’ll just do two 10 inch forges and give one to a friend. I will also just do 2” of ceramic wool and so my opening will be 6x6 unless you think this is a bad idea. I can’t exactly remember where I found the design for the burners but I have been watching multiple YouTube videos for the burner info. I really appreciate your help and I hope to learn a lot more from you and the other members of this site.
  2. My plan was to have separate valves on each burner so I have the option to only use one burner at a time. And I can have a fire brick to reduce the length of heated space. Also I don’t think 5x5 internal is a large forge. I’m not sure what insulation I will be using that’s why I’m asking for suggestions. I want to go big on the insulation to keep heat.
  3. I want to try and make some short swords and larger projects. there will be 2.5” of insulation top bottom and sides. Outside dimensions is 10x10 the inside dimensions is 5x5. I was thinking of just going off of the original design so 3/4 8” pipe 1”x1”x3/4 t.
  4. I’m thinking of building a duel burner forge 10”x10”x20” with a 5”x5” opening either end with forge doors and I was wondering if two frosty T burners hooked to a standard propane tank with a 30 psi regulator would get hot enough to forge weld. Also what insulation is recommended I was thinking of using fire bricks.
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